Pinkard Gallery Jumping

Sera Matteo, jumping in front of the work of Alison Mazur, at the Pinkard Gallery at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore...

...and Carly Goss, jumping in front of work by Melody Lin, Juliet Hinely, Susie Brandt, Janet
Braunstein, Piper Shepard, Dani Stitz and Kendra Hebel in the same gallery. The exhibition is called Fab Lab, in which Fibers students and faculty at MICA made work using a digital
textile printer.

Thanks for the submission, Carly! You guys are awesome art jumpers, don't you ever think otherwise!

Taj Mahal Jumping!!!!!

This freaking awesome photo comes to us from Ali Cherry of Washington, DC. She and other University of Maryland MBA students jump for the Taj Mahal (obvi!). Ali had this to say about the photo: "It’s not IN a museum per se but it’s in front of the Taj Mahal which is basically a museum of sorts, a sight to see built as a tribute to love." Thanks, Ali!

Justin Couch at Honfleur Gallery

Justin Couch is jumping (not doing pull-ups!) for his artwork (furniture and industrial design) on display at Honfleur Gallery in Anacostia. This photo was submitted by Amy Cavanaugh, Director of the Honfleur Gallery. Thanks so much for the submission guys and good luck with the show!

A Very Special THANKS to DC Daily Candy!

Want to see something awesome? The Washington DC edition of Daily Candy featured JAM in the "What to Do This Weekend" section. See it HERE. I want to thank the folks over at Daily Candy for the recognition and also all of the people who have sent in photos so far today. I promise to post your Art Jumping pictures very, very soon! Happy jumping everyone!

I Wish.

Digital Cameras Fun
Maybe someday art jumping will be this important! I created this picture at Art jumping must be too progressive for the folks over at dumpr- not one of the default photos showed the museum-goers jumping! Ha...

Okay, so the real photo within this photo is me jumping for a piece by Andrew Liang. This piece (didn't see a title) was one of many on display in Xeroxable Wall Patterns at Area 405 in Baltimore. I think she show closed, otherwise I'd advise you to go see it.

Josiah McElheny Jumping!

Another awesome art jumping photo comes to us from Karen Ann Myers. She is jumping for the work of Josiah McElheny at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Thanks for the submission, Karen!

Mean Security Guards!

Kristi Redick and Lesley Stanley took these jumping pics outside of the Museum of Contemperary Art in Chicago. They didn't art jump inside of the museum because they "didn't want to risk it. The security guards looked old and mean."

I certainly understand, ladies. It can be quite embarrassing to get kicked out of a museum.

Kristi and Lesley are jumping for Thomas Schutte's Ganz Grosse Geister (Big Spirits XL)

AU MFA Field Trip Jumping!

Lots of fun was has this past weekend in Baltimore. The American University first year MFA students art jumped all over the city. In this picture (left to right), Kate Gartrell, Lana Stephens, Nikki Painter and Zac Willis jump for a work by an artist dear to our hearts, Zoe Charlton. Zoe's drawing (unfortunately not visible in this photo) was showing in Quintessence, a show at Paperwork Gallery. Check out the Paperwork Gallery blog here. If you're in the Baltimore area, you should really check them out!

Rollergirl Jumping!

Cory Oberndorfer is seriously on top of this jumping thing. He's contributed some really awesome photos thus far and these are no exception. Yesterday, members of the DC Rollergirls and the Charm City Rollergirls visited Cory's murals in the Katzen Rotunda. A special thanks to Holly Go Hardly (yellow shirt) and Toxic Waif! Great art jumping, ladies!

Richard Diebenkorn Jumping!

Here, Karen jumps for Diebenkorn at the de Young Museum in San Francisco...

...and here at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

Cory Oberndorfer and The Derby Project present "Novelty"

DC artist Cory Oberndorfer and I had too much fun jumping for his murals on display at the Katzen last night. Love you Cory! He will be hosting a closing reception this Thursday. Here are the details:

DC-based artist and AU grad student Cory Oberndorfer presents Novelty, the latest line of cultural eye candy from The Derby Project.

Novelty is a collection of murals in both Rotunda Galleries at the Katzen Arts Center. These limited-time murals are currently available for public viewing until January 18th, with a closing reception on Thursday, January 17th, 6:00-8:00pm.

Rotunda Gallery/Katzen Art Center
4400 Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC 20016

Group Show @ Spring Arts Collective Gallery, LA

A very special THANKS! to Nick McPhail for sending in these sweet art jumps all the way from Los Angeles. Nick battled a crowded opening and jumped for his own painting on exhibit in Group Show at the Spring Arts Collective Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. His friends Annah Mason and Kristen Waltman are the cutest jumpers ever- Thanks girls! They are jumping for Danielle Vinokurov's silk collages. For more information on the show visit

Zac = Holy Crap!

HOLY CRAP! Zac Willis' art jumping is some of the best I've seen yet. Perhaps he had a previous life as a cheerleader? Zac is a studio art MFA student at American University and is jumping for his own artwork on display at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, DC. Way to go Zac and thanks for the submission!

Sol LeWitt Jumping!

Karen jumps (cartwheels) for Sol LeWitt at the Hirshhorn in Washington, DC. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Karen!

Heart These Ladies in Chicago!

*SHOUT OUT* to these dedicated jumpers in Chicago! Allison Cronin keeps it real while jumping for a Charles Darwin quote at the Field Museum. Also, a special welcome to Lesley Stanley. Lesley could barely contain her excitement as she battles the cold and jumps before she even enters! Way to go girls. Now, what do I have to do to get you to jump in an actual art museum?!