Art Jumping from the ATL!

Thanks to Catherine and Lauren Lee, art lovers and twins, for sending me these amazing Art Jumping photos!

They had this to say about DC Museums:"We are from North Potomac, MD, but are now happily settled in Decatur, GA (about 5 miles east of Atlanta), but we miss our home... and especially the free art museums on the Mall! I would love to Jump at the Hirshhorn!" Right on, ladies- The Hirshhorn is awesome!

In the top pic we have Lauren Art Jumping for a Painting by Jeremy Ray Chance. Next is Catherine jumping for a Mural/Installation by Sarah Emerson, titled The Possibility of Framing Infinity. Both photos were taken at the Dalton Gallery at Agnes Scott College.

Catherine and Lauren have a fantastic blog about fashion, design, food and art. I suggest you take a peek! Thanks again, ladies :)

Some Boston University MFA Students @ Robert Steele Gallery

Robert Steele Gallery is currently showing some work by Boston University MFA students. Veteran Art Jumper, Karen Myers, has the best paintings in the show (my opinion isn't biased or anything!) The opening was SO FUN, and of course, we Art Jumped all over that place. The show closes today, so if you are in the NYC area, I suggest you go and see it...

First we have American University MFA student, Kate Gartrell jumping for the work of her friend Monique Brideau. Next is Karen Myers, Mackenzie Klump and Dre Bergart jumping for their BU MFA colleuges... Oh, and some dude who I forgot his name who tried levitating or something. Nice try :) Lastly, myself jumping for one of Karen's paintings and a sculpture by Mackenzie Klump.

Congrats to all of the artists featured in the show:

Nina Bellucci
Monique Brideau
Michelle Dennis
Michael Garguilo
Mackenzie Klump
Elizabeth Menges
Karen Ann Myers
Nina Walicki

John Alexander Jumping

Jennie Morris of Virginia is jumping for the work of John Alexander at the American Art Museum in Washington, DC. The title of the work is Dancing on the Water Lilies of Life.
Awesome, Jennie. Thanks for the submission!

Diego Rivera Jumping

This awesome Art Jump was sent to me by Whitney Flanigan. It was taken in Palacio Nacional, Mexico City. Whitney is jumping for the art of, arguably the world's most famous mural painter, Diego Rivera. The mural is titled Epic of the Mexican People - Mexico Today and Tomorrow

Thank you for the submission, Whitney!

Walters Art Museum- Leap Year Art Jumping!

Lindsey, Brianna, Rebecca, Mindy, Ben, John, Rachel, Ellen, Karl and Susan (and Jackie who took the photos) were the only people I know of who leapt for leap year and art! These very enthusiastic Art Jumpers are employees of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. They are jumping for two Statues of Sekhmet, Egyptian, 18th Dynasty, Reign of Amenhotep III, 1391-1353 B.C. Thanks to Karl for the submission!

Richard Anuszkiwicz Jumping (because Frida was off limits)

Tenley Barna and Dani Lee (the blur) from Oakton, VA are jumping for Richard Anuszkiwicz’s piece titled Knowledge and Disappearance. They were at the Philadelphia Museum of Art visiting the Frida exhibit. Tenley said that they would have loved to have jumped for Frida, but they would have either accidentally kicked someone in the face or been kicked out by the museum folks. Haha...

Thank you for the submission, Tenley!

Ice Art Jumping in Chicago

This beautiful photo comes to me from Miss Lesley Stanley- my boo who lives in Chicago. Thanks Les!! She is jumping for "Paintings Below Zero" by Gordon Halloran at the Museum of Modern Ice.

...and the Colbert jumps keep coming!

Thanks so much to Debbie Rice for sending me these pictures from the National Portrait Gallery! Debbie and her friend Kyle Jean Fisher, both from Washington DC, are jumping for Colbert. Debbie also jumped for the Constitution Preamble written on state license plates. Great jumps, girls!