Keep On Rocking In The Free World

My old Mackie Designs pal, Kevin Rupp, sent me this link the other day.  Great live Neil Young performance from SNL in 1989.  Man, I can't believe this was in '89 - I remember watching this on SNL.  I also have the album - on vinyl.  Yes, I'm old.

Give it a spin and tell me this isn't Rock with a capital "R".....

I've been a Neil Young fan for quite awhile - but not for all his material. That's partly what's cool about Neil, he takes risks and puts out material that's different - yet all Neil Young.  He's officially a rock icon now, Godfather of Grunge, or whatever you want to call him.  He's been around forever with an amazing collection of work to his credit. Truly impressive.  

One of the best concerts I've ever seen was Neil Young and Crazy Horse in '86 or so, at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  This was the Landing on Water album era.  Stage was set up as a garage - stacks of tires, etc.  Sort of a mini-play and show at once.  Jon Lovitz came on as the band manager, in the SNL liar character ("Yeah, that's the ticket").  At the end, actor cops closed down the garage and ended the show. Pretty funny.  At one point, Neil - front of the stage, blazing guitar during Like a Hurricane, with two giant remote control cockroaches at his side, antennas flopping around - wild stuff.

A less memorable concert, earlier in the '80s at the Garden State Art Center, in my home state of New Jersey - probably now named after a bank or something just as goofy - the Art Center, not the state, though that's probably not far off.  This was Neil Young and the International Harvesters.  A very country type gig, not really my thing, though Neil threw in a few classics as well.  The only memorable part of the show was fans sitting in open grass section, throwing chunks of sod down into the real seating area below.  Always fun to watch some tough guy get clocked in the head with a pound of dirt and grass, spin around ready to kill - to see about 4000 people with silly smiles on their faces. 

I attended that show with my Cousin Joey (not to be confused with My Cousin Vinny) and bike shop cohort and later Greenpeace guy, John Passacantando.

I have to give Joey and John some credit for me getting into Neil Young.  John for talking about Neil Young at the bike shop and for Joey - when we used to hang out in his basement listening to Neil Young albums, especially the wacky Trans album.  I think we were the only two humans on earth who liked that album.

If you're a Neil Young fan, check out Shakey, an official biography. Loads of info and detail on the man, his music and history.

Keep on rocking in the free world.....

6-18-09 Troy, Montana...Rescued by a roadside Angel, Pam

The Road Side Rescue! :)

18-06-09 Angels Pam and Dennis...Troy, Montanna

June 18, 2009 Troy, Montana: Angels Pam and Dennis

Pictures from Montana-6/21

Diane on the 'Going to the Sun' Highway - what a beautiful view

I love this picture - Diane on the 'Going to the Sun' Highway

Diane meeting up with some lovely folks whose rosary beads had come from the same place as Dianes.

6-16-09 Starjumps of JOYous Gratitude to beautiful BFL Champ Tracy Jeffries!!!

Kermit...14 year old albino African FROG 6-18-09 Troy,Montana

Friday June 19th. Meetup with Pam Kennedy the King's Feast

Pam Kennedy meets up with Diane and the group to join Diane on a 40 mile leg of the ride in Montana. Pam is engaged is raising $1000 for the cause for JBWS and the Battered women, in support of the Star Jumps for Joy Cycle across America. The crew was more than happy to meetup with Pam, as she prepared a King's feast for the wayward travellers.

20-06-09 Saturday Dickey Lake Campsite - Montana

Diane meets up with inspirational friend and supporter, Pam Kennedy of Montana. Pam is raising $1000 to contribute to Diane's cause the JBWS (Jersey Battered Women's Shelter). Pam provided a king's feast for the cyclest. Pam decided to join Diane, on a 40 Mile leg of the journey in Montana. Seeing the road first hand from Diane's side of the handle bars.

John Gilroy/ Guinness Jumping!

Alysia Caringi, Shelby Gilson and Issa Braman jump for iconic Guinness posters designed by John Gilroy. They are jumping in the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Thanks ladies!

Diane Update

Good morning all!!

Just wanted to provide an update about Diane. She is having some technical difficulties with her phone and the mountainous areas in which she has been riding! She's taken lots of pictures and videos so hopefully we can get that worked out soon.

In Idaho she met up with Body-for-Life Champion Tracy Jeffries! Tracy and her wonderful family were awesome! They provided food for everyone in diane's group and even provided some additional excitement by having a firetruck come through with horns blazing in the campground where they were staying! We are ever so grateful to Tracy and her family for their love and support. I hope to have pictures of all this fun soon.

The ride through Montana has been very difficult for Diane. that seem to deliberately try to run them off the road, more rain, pulling the heavy bob trailer. But our Diane is a trooper and she will not give up!! They had to slighly alter their route in Montana as the roads in Glacier National Park are closed due to weather. So now they are taking a more southern route around the park. They are about a day ahead of schedule at this point.

This past weekend in Montana, Diane met up with Pam Kennedy! Pam was stepping out of her comfort zone and out of her box of self-imposed limits..and riding a leg of the journey with Diane. I'm so proud of Pam. She called me saturday night after they finished the ride. She was exhausted but proud. She has helped us immeasureably during Diane's stay in Montana and continues to be a shining beacon of love and support. If the schedule remains as it is now they should meet up again sometime this weekend. Pam has been so wonderful to drive 6-8 hours just to see Diane and help out. THANKS PAM!

Please continue to give your prayers, love and support for Diane. She is working very hard cycling 10 hours a day. In addition, we need fundraising support. Please consider making a donation no matter how small and forward Diane's website to anyone you think might help. Domestic Abuse is a silent and secret pain that many families endure. We hope that with Diane's journey she may bring to light that these families DO have hope of surviving and thriving and experiencing peacy, joy and love.


Happy Father's Day on Tiger Mountain

To escape the Funhouse, Ian and I drove over to Tiger Mountain State Forest for some mountain biking.  I haven't ridden Tiger Mountain in over 10 years and since Ian has never seen it - thought it would be fun.  Years ago, used to hit this place once a week or so, with some Mackie Designs coworkers and pals.  We'd do the fire road climb, dive down the Preston Trail, ride the NW Timber Trail to the Iverson Trail, then back to the car.

A quick glance at John Zilly's Kissing the Trail guide confirmed the route, since my aging brain was a little fuzzy on the details.  Driving out to Issaquah, watched a storm move over Tiger Mountain - complete with lightening - then blow over.  By the time we finished lunch, the sun was back out.

We fuel up on tacos and burritos before the ride.  The food of champions.

We continue the drive to the trailhead off Highway 18 - unload bikes and start riding up the dirt road climb.  After a few miles of rolling climbs, start descending - this doesn't seem right.  I remember the climb to the Preston Trail being uphill the entire way.  We ask some people hiking if the Preston Trail is ahead - they have no idea.  Run into some older guy on a electric converted mountain bike - he has no idea.  Ian is convinced it's farther ahead, he remembers the map.  Ian is usually great with maps, so we descend a little farther - then I pulled the plug and had us turn around.  If not correct, don't want a fried 9 year old rider suffering climbing back out.  The climb back out was a grind, but Ian pulled it off.

On the way back, we did cut into the Iverson Trail for a little singletrack fun.  Ian enjoyed that - much more interesting then grinding up a steep dirt road.  Ian's technical skills have grown quite a bit and he flowed right over the roots and rocks without a problem.  At one point I floundered a bit and he lost me for a few minutes.  When I caught him, waiting at the end, he asks, "That's as fast as you can ride that?"  Gee - sorry to hold you up, laughing to myself.

Ian does the Iverson Trail

Dad does the Iverson Trail

It was getting late, around 6:45 PM, so we backtracked the Iverson - then continued the dirt road back to the car.  Checking Zilly's book again, saw where we screwed up.  We climbed the wrong road out of the parking area - the road that headed to Poo Poo Point, not the Preston Trail.  Whoops.  Yes, Poo Poo Point - if you think that's funny, imagine how funny it is to a 9 year old.  I told Ian we'd try the Preston Trail again another time.

Still, we did 10+ miles with lots of climbing.  Not all fun, but pretty good for a 9 year old - no?

Since the Funhouse kitchen is still out of commission, we grabbed a pizza on the way home.  Amy and Lori hit a movie and did their own dinner thing.  Everyone has their own idea of fun.

Happy Father's Day.

Welcome to the Funhouse

Load-O-Fun here at the Dan O Estate this weekend.  While at work on Thursday, Lori called me to report the living room rug was wet.  What? How would the living room rug get wet?  While on the phone, she looked behind the 'fridge and other possible spots - nothing.  We then got a reference for a plumber from our real estate pal, Tony Meier. Gave 'em a call - earliest time would be 7:30 AM the next day.  Okay - come on out.

When I get home from work on Thursday, crawled into the crawl space under the house - always a pleasant experience - and looked for a leak.  Pretty easy to find, water dripping from various places - off the beams and insulation - with a nice puddle under it all.  To me, looked like the drain for the kitchen sink and dishwasher was leaking - right next to where the cable guy ran cable last week.  Comcastic.  Thought maybe he somehow drilled or punctured something while drilling a hole into the house for cable.

Plumbers arrive exactly at 7:30 AM as planned and dive into the proceedings.  Doesn't take them long to figure out the dishwasher pump was failing and dripping water into the floor.  Nice.  They offer to haul the dishwasher away and give us a reference for some water damage repair folks - who show up in one hour.  In no time, wall unit is pulled away from the wall and several loud fans and dehumidifier are drying out the place - carpet, wall unit, sections of wall, under floor of kitchen and behind cabinets.  Another set of gear in the crawl space scaring the spiders and whatever else lives under there.  Fans are supposed to run for 3 - 5 days.  Joy.  Water Damage Dude (says so right on his card) recommends abandoning ship and getting a hotel room for a few days.  Call to Allstate confirms all festivities should be covered by our home owners coverage.

On top of all this, we had plans to spend two days in Mazama for Ian to compete in Indie Series race # 5 in Winthrop.  After, uh, much debate - we elected to stay close to home and bag the trip.  Much disappointment from Ian and I.

We skipped the local hotel idea and stayed home for the night, all of us in one bedroom to escape the fan noise and heat.  Downstairs now hovered around 85 degrees and super stuffy from windows being shut. Very comfy.  In the morning, we escape the house for the day.  While playing mini-golf (Amy's choice), Allstate calls to inform us they may not cover this little shindig.  They also want to see the dishwasher pump - already hauled away.  Very different tune from the day before. Calls to plumber to dig up the pump and Water Damage Dude to let him know insurance company may not cover his service.

It's now Sunday - night number 3 of loud fans and sealed bedroom door.  Also, 3 days of all meals eaten out.  Water Damage Dude stopped by to check progress - things are drying out as expected - should be good by Tuesday.  We all escaped the house for the day once again.  The fun continues.

On Tuesday, Allstate guy is scheduled to stop by and look things over.  If they deny our claim, I won't be a happy camper - especially after we were given the green light initially.  Oh yeah - we've also been Allstate customers for home and car insurance for over 20 years now. I'd hope that accounts for something.

We'll see what happens.

Future Art Jumpers!

Floyd and Lola from Holland are Art Jumpers in training! They are "jumping" for a Jackson Pollock painting at the Museum Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul France.

Welcome to Idaho 6-16-09

Wow, I actually cycled across the glorious State of Washington! With the help of friends, lots of praying as I cycled across the mountains...I am incredulous of this accomplishment. Back on the homefront, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad...I love you both and wish you only the very best, My love and hugs of gratitude, Diane xox

Dance Recitals and Campy Delta Brakes

I've been swamped at work and home, meaning the blog has been idle for a week now.  That's not good, need to do my part in filling up the Internet.  Remember - it's only a exhibition, not a competition - please, no wagering.

I took today off from riding - woke up late, a little hammered from the last two days of riding, plus my back is tweaked out a bit.  Riding home on Monday, I felt pretty good and cruised at 20-22 mph for quite awhile.  For me (Al Franken), that's fast.  Also spotted, then rode with some kid on a cool vintage Pinarello, complete with Campy Record Delta brakes.  You don't see those often.  I thought about asking the kid to stop, so I could snap some pictures - but felt kind of goofy about it and didn't.  That's rare for me - goofy is usually not a problem.

Over the weekend, my 5 year old daughter Amy had a dance recital. A very big deal for her and mom - lots of practice, special dress, flowers, pictures, dance on a real stage - the whole shindig. 

Friday was a full dress dry run, then the real deal on Saturday to a packed house.  Loads of insanely cute little girls involved with the program.  Of course Ian whined and complained about the whole thing, but I guess that's normal for a 9 year old brother.  By coincidence, coworker of mine - his daughter is in the same class as Amy and they danced together - that was great.  On top of that, one of Amy's little friends recently joined the class and danced also.  A fun time for all.

After the recital, a celebration at Ruby's Dinner - Amy's choice.  It's fun having a girly-girl daughter to balance out the activities we enjoy with Ian - very different worlds.

We're very fortunate parents to have such cool kids.

Starjumps of JOYous Gratitude to Jenni Jones

I had the incredible opportunity to meet a most beautiful woman Jenni Jones of Kalispel Tribe of Indians Healing Spirits Program who runs the domestic violence-sexual assault program of Usk, WA(on her day off) Her children Iris, Grace and Cyrus were such a delight...just so gracious. Thank you for the butterfly necklace that you is so symbolic and close to my well as the orogami frog, bird and dog. Your care package for my cycling trek was so very thoughtful...God's Blessings, my love and hugs of gratitude, Diane xox

6-15-08 Colville to Usk, WA...Top of Flowery Pass

10% gradient going up in some locations with loaded bob trailer...9% gradient going down with some rain to add some excitment.

Cycling break while climbing in WA

Shuttlecock Jumping!

Hilary Nordholm, James Schwartz, Adrianne Russell, and Emily Black jump for Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's Shuttlecocks at the Kansas City Sculpture Park at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Thanks for the picture!

Celebrating victorious climb at the top of Sherman's Pass,WA...with the added bonus of love from above

What a JOY to see a beautiful heart within the white puffy clouds : )

Chewelah,WA...Beautiful Wishes for Beautiful People

God Bless the Faith Community Church here and everyone on our beautiful by having faith in the word of God!

My gratitude to Paul from Republic,WA

Super Starjumps of JOYous gratitude to Paul from Republic,WA for bringing our gear safely to Meyers Falls Market in Kettle Falls... who is a friend of Jeaninne, who is a friend of Carol from Tonasket, who is a friend of Beth Brown from Bellingham. Thank you to Sarah from this fabulous neighborhood organic grocery! Friends of friends....the compassion of the human spirit is so alive...starjumps of JOY!

Top of Sherman's Pass,WA 6-14-09

Hometown Greetings From Republic, WA 6-13-09

Special Happy Birthday Dad and Tremendous Gratitude to Dan and Family from Tonasket,WA 6-13-09

Had my 1st spill on gravel on the ride up to Wauconda Pass today...Luckily just my left and and wrist are bruised. Had my 1st experience of being chased by a wild dog...thank you Tim for alerting me and trying to divert him...I have never cycled faster in my whole life! Dan, from Midway are a blessing...your incredible goodwill gesture today left us all in awe...what a beautiful person you are...thank you so very much for so gracefully giving from your pure are a wonderful role model to your precious children and example to humanity! Just saw a beautiful double rainbow...

RIGHT Light Starjumps of Appreciation : ) 6-11-09

New Roads Ahead

Talked with Diane last night. She was at a rest point and had an extra day of rest..for which she was most thankful even though it was pouring down rain. She had called me from the women's restroom :)

She is doing ok so far on her journey. On the long days when she is traveling through the mountains, she is having to rely heavily on shakes/bars as her food. There are no stores or other means for her to eat during these times. The hills are pretty steep...but she conquers them just like we knew she would.

She did have a wipe-out on friday. She hit some gravel and down she went. She's bruised and a little sore. I'm just glad she didn't fall off the side of the mountain!

This coming week Diane will be headed into Idaho and Montana. There await some special surprises for her!! It will be a week where she can rejuvenate her spirit with the love that will be shown to her by folks who are helping us on this journey.

I'm looking forward to the blogs from her this week. Stay tuned!

She'll soon be going through Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio. If you can help out in any of those states by offering to drive some of their gear or just providing a cheering section or a hot meal, please contact me at


Old School Fisher

This old school Fisher has been in the bike room at work lately.  With the Biopace chainrings, under chainstay mounted U-Brake and top mount shifters - mid '80s vintage.  Biopace and chainstay brakes proved to be a dumb idea that faded quick.  The old Fisher logos look cool though.  They were forced to name their bikes "Gary Fisher" after pressure from the Fischer ski company later on.  A little fun fact to bore your friends with at parties.  The ladies will be impressed.

It's great to see these old bikes put to good use - especially commuting.  The woman who rides it borrowed the bike from a friend to take part in the commuter challenge last month.  The event is over and she's still riding it - very cool to see.

I get a kick out of seeing it in the bike room.  It could be hanging in a garage somewhere collecting dust - instead of getting a new bike commuter to work and back.  A noble use for an old mountain bike.

Christopher Beckman Jumping!

Jill Anderson from NYC jumps for Christopher Beckman's Abstract Painting on Paint Sampleat CB Studios/NYC. Photo by Jordan McAuley. Thanks to Jill and Jordan!

The Wallet

I've been using this wallet since the '80s - don't remember exactly when.  It's hammered, conformed perfectly to my ass - left cheek - and now a running gag, while being sort of a living art project.  An art project to be enjoyed daily by everyone involved.

I have new wallets - never been used.  Why ruin all this with a new wallet?  Spoil the cheap entertainment when I pull it out to pay for something?  No longer have friends ask to actually see "The Wallet"? I think not.  Joke with my son, that one day "The Wallet" will be his. This can't be stopped.

Today at Starbucks - Washington State law requires every resident to visit at least once a week - some business dude in a suit spied my wallet, while I was paying for my overpriced ice tea.  "Nice wallet" he says - not sure if he was impressed, horrified, or just being sarcastic. I then told him the story of "The Wallet"  and how I planned to be buried with it.

I can't stop the joy "The Wallet" provides for family, friends and strangers.

No, it must go on forever....

Float Like a Blog. Sting Like a Bee.

It's been about 6 months since I've started this little Blog-O-Rama project.  I enjoy it - an outlet and learning experience - cool stuff.  A few people seem to follow it, I've received some positive comments, and made some online bike pals in the process.  It's all good.

Pictures above from my commute this morning - much different conditions from my first post - taken in the same spot.  60 degrees and sunny instead of freezing temps with ice and snow.  Both still fun in their own way.

On the commute home, received a bee sting in the stomach area - right through my bike jersey.  Little bastard must have gotten caught between my messenger bag strap and body - then zapped me.  I never found the culprit, but know what a bee sting feels and looks like. Lucky - not much swelling and no big deal.

Nice weather is supposed to continue for a few more days.  I'm digging riding my carbon Ibis in the sun.

Ed Bisese Jumping!

Jessica and Mary jump for Ed Bisese's Bunny Man at the Gallery Neptune in Bethesda, Maryland. Thanks for the submission, ladies!

Miraculous Encounters

Traditional dipping of rear wheel in pacific ocean

Starjumps for ANGELS

Surprise Blessings of Compassion

StarTreeJumps of JOY!!!

Right way to start my NewCycleofPeaceLoveJoy...with a RIGHT Light shake....thank you!!!!

1st Meeting of Enthusiastic Cyclists : )

FW: star jumps for att to the rescue



From: Diane Robertson []
Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 2:11 PM



Mighty Fraser River in Beautiful British love and hugs of gratitude to cousin Patti and 90 year old aunt Stella

Super StarJumps for JOY~Gear Made it from NJ!!!

A new journey begins

I talked with Diane this morning. She seemed a bit nervous. Who can blame her? She is about to set out on a most amazing 4000 mile journey. Cycling across the country!! Just the sheer level of physical fitness and mental toughness and not to mention the logistics of such a strip is incredible to think about!!

Obstacles are what other people use as excuses.

Diane was not going to let anything stop her from doing what her heart was leading her to do. No amount of obstacles or events set forth with evil intent were going to win.

As I spoke with her this morning I reminded her that her love, peace, joy and strength are what will fuel her on in the moments when her challenge seems the most intense. She'll reach a new level of connection with God and creation as she is out there pedaling mile after mile. It is in those moments when she will dig deep and create and evolve within herself.

She's not doing the bike ride just to prove she can. She is doing this to raise awareness for a cause that is dear to her heart. She is doing this to give back to the people that rescued her and her children and to bring awareness to America that families living with domestic abuse can be saved and continue on to live full and loving lives.

Let's support Diane, her cause, and give her all the loving support she needs over the next 4000 miles.