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Christmas 2011

Christmas morning is such a special time and even more special with children.  Their joy is contagious and like auras you can see it radiating off of their little bodies.  Coltrane woke up first so I took him out on the lanai so he wouldn't wake up Kingston (the later the boys sleep, the better their moods are later in the day ;).  I heard some mumbling going on back in our room and then soft laughter.    Kyle had bent down to kiss a still sleeping Kingston when we woke up and still groggy asked, "Is it Christmas?" Kyle replied, "Yes!  It is!" and Kingston told him "Merry Christmas Daddy" and Kyle said the same.  

They joined us on the lanai to open stockings.

He sporadically puts these on throughout the day.  No big deal.

Getting into our matching jammies (we don't wear them to bed in case of wetting the bed/leaky diapers)  This did not go over so well.  And Kyle mysteriously misplaced his shirt that morning :)

Checking out if Santa ate the cookie he made for him.

Web shooter, THE thing that he wanted this year.

He LOVES this shirt, it has a velcro cape and he was SO proud of it.

Future lead guitarist.

Kingston's BIG present this year (Thank you Grammy, WE love it too, I asked Kingston if "my" ipad was next door and he looked and me dead serious and said, "you mean MY ipad Mommy" and he's right ha)

It has the cutest cover that he can carry around by the arm.

First thing was to check out super hero videos.

Grandma and Grandpa took the boys for a stroll around the block while Mommy and Daddy were able to go out for a run!

Mom hosts appetizers and dinner at our house every year and then we head across the street to Kathleens for desserts.  This year Mom really outdid herself!

Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomatos and Chive Filo Cups

Brie with a Spicy Chutney

Sliced Baguettes with Gorgonzola drizzled with Honey

Mushrooms with Melted Brie Pastry Cups

Herb Crusted Prime Rib

There was so much more food and drinks but I had to stop taking pictures to mingle and eat!

The "adult table".

We've done the English Poppers every year since I can remember.

All the "kids" out on the lanai.

And off with his pants.

After baths, we headed over to meet up with everyone else at Kathleens for dessert.

And more presents!

A little Wii action.

And lastly.

Some Tebowing.