Liz, Lindsey and Melissa from Philly are Art Jumping in honor of all pieces in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and of course, Rocky. Thanks ladies!!

Zac Attack at it Again

Every time Zac submits an Art Jump, the pictures end up on some other website. You see, people choose his images to coinside with their written endorsement for JAM. It is no wonder why they chose his pictures, they are always rad! and he's consistent! As always, thank you for the pics, Zac!

Zac is jumping for his piece, Collection: Lint currently on display in the Katzen Arts Center Rotunda.

Art Jumping in Prague!

Thank you to Rosa and Tiger for sending me these Art Jumping photos from Prague! We have Tiger, jumping outside of the Prague Biennale site and for a piece by Solveiga Vasiljeva at the International Triennale for Contemporary art @ Narodni Gallery. Rosa is jumping for a piece by Milan Knížák also at the International Triennale for Contemporary Art @ Narodni Gallery. These photos are awesome guys, thanks for sending them!

Jumping for Kentucky Art

Boy, did I ever get lucky with Kentucky- check out this sweet jump:

The adorable Jenny Wells from Lexington, Kentucky sent me this photo of herself jumping for John Wesley's "Portrait of Daniel Boone" from 1962. The photo was taken at the University of Kentucky Art Museum by an anonymous friend of Jenny's :)Thanks, ladies! Oh, and one more thing: GO BIG BLUE!

It's A "Biggs" Deal

Check out this really nice JAM mention in It's A "Biggs" Deal- Blog from the Biggs Musuem of American Art in Dover, Delaware.

Sexy People

This has nothing to do with Art Jumping, but it's REALLY funny...