The Art Newspaper!

Jumping in Art Museums made it into the June issue of The Art Newspaper! Thank you Helen Stoilas for taking an interest in the site- It's an honor to be included. Everyone, go find a copy!

Photos are:
Kelly Browne jumping for Marc Chagall, photo by Cynthia Singiser of the Daily Marauder.
James Rider jumping for Kehinde Wiley, photo by Dakota Fine.
Me, jumping for Duane Hanson, photo by Matthew Butler.

Holy Crap- Awesome Jumping Stuff!

Whoa, check out this book and while you're at it, check out this awesome website!! Thank you Cory Oberndorfer for sending these my way :)

More Artomatic Jumping

Thanks to Carolina Cid from Washington DC for sending me this photo. She is jumping for her artwork on display at Artomatic. Love your expression, Carolina!

Awe <3

Thank you Daily Marauder and Modern Art Notes (Tyler Green is "addicted"!!) for mentioning JAM in their recent posts!

Just found these bits in URLesque and DC Scorpion Girl too. THANKS!

Burning Man Jumping

Lara Everly from Los Angeles was so taken by all of the awesome artwork she saw at Burning Man, she just had to jump as high as she could. Geeze, she is practically flying! Thanks for the submission, Lara.

Sin Jumping!

Thanks to Mary Guilliams from Los Angeles for sending me these Art Jumps. Mary is Jumping for Ed Ruscha's Sin, at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum in Los Angeles. We're all sinners- maybe someday we can all be Art Jumpers too :) Thanks so much, Mary!

Artomatic Jumping

Gina-Marie C. (aka GMC) of Washington DC is jumping for Andrew Wodzianski's work which is on display at Artomatic.

Thanks for the submission GMC! If anyone else has Art Jumps from Artomatic 2008, please send them my way!

Baltimore Contemporary Museum jumping circa 1999

Thanks to Kelly C. of Long Beach, CA for sending me this photo. It was taken in 1999 at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. She was jumping for a variety of artists (including Kara Walker) but mostly, she was jumping to celebrate getting her first museum job. Art Jumping back in 1999? How very progressive you are, Kelly!

The Thinker

Thank you Kelly Linton for sending me this photo! Here, Kelly Linton, Erin Cech, Spence Holman, Lisa Pupa and Sarah Pedroni jump for Rodin’s The Thinker at the The Baltimore Museum of Art.

Get Ready...

... because Caroline Giegerich and friends are at it again. Prepare to be AMAZED!

So obviously, the following people are probably the world's hardest working Art Jumpers:

Kelly Browne, Ashmi Dang, Caroline Giegerich, Joolee Lee, Crystal Park, Sarah Petroski, Shannon Roop, Merrily Rees, Cynthia Singiser and the random Security Guard. Additional thanks is given to Martha Rivera & Leon.

They jumped for the work of Ryan McGuines and Olafur Eliasson at P.S 1 and for other various graffiti artists at 5 points, NYC.

Please visit Caroline's Art Jumping photo set on Flickr. Also, please check out her blog, the Daily Marauder.

Thank you so much for believing in Art Jumping, Caroline!