Chitzen-Itza Jumping!

This cool picture was sent to me by Joan. She has this to say about her jump:

I hope you will consider posting my Art Jumping this April at Chitzen-Itza in Mexico! I was so excited to learn about the remains of this fascinating Mayan culture, that I jumped for joy in the hot sun at the sites! :)"

Awesome, Joan. Thanks for the submission!

Colbert Remembered

In honor of his portrait coming down, here is one last Colbert art jump...

This is Megan Meloon jumping for Colbert sent to me by Raul Suarez. Thanks guys!

Japan Culture+Hyperculture Jumping!

Thanks to Jessie Elisberg for sending me these amazing pictures! Jessie and Matthew Konopka jumped for this installation (anyone know who made it??) at the Japan Culture+Hyperculture exhibition at the Kennedy Center a few months back.

Thanks guys, these pictures are hilarious! :)

* Thanks for the comments- artist is Yayoi Kusama.

Jumping at the NINE Opening!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to AU's first year MFA opening on Friday. We had a great turn out. We also had a ton of Art Jumping!

1. Lana Stephens and Tom jumping for Lana's chalk drawings.
2. Me jumping for my collage.
3. Kate Gartrell and Amy Misurelli jumping for Kate's painting of Amy.
4. Alyssa Thompson jumping for Igor Pasternak's paintings/collages.
5. Leah Painter jumping for my collage. (thanks, Leah!)
6. Aubrey Driggers, Billy Walter, Leah Painter, and Alyssa Thompson jumped for Nikki Painter's drawings.
7. Nikki Painter jumping for Bonner Sale's installation.
8. Billy Walter jumping for a painting by Josh Baptista.

For a great wrap-up on the show (via Rachel Fick), visit ArtCade Forum. For more pictures, head on over to there were ten tigers.

Thanks for the submissions everyone!

WACK! Jumping

Thanks to Rachel Fick from Washington, DC for sending this photo. Her friends, Amber Landis and Katie Short are jumping within Judy Chicago's installation in WACK! currently at PS1. Rachel said "It's the best piece of art to jump in because it is so bouncy!" Looks like you had a good time, ladies!

*I was just informed that this piece, Soft Gallery, is by Marta Minujin and Richard Squires.

Love Me Some Kenna!

Thanks to Matt McKenna, aka Kenna, for sending me this photo! He took this picture of Jake Schafer, Tiffany Freds and Beth Prissel art jumping on the campus of the Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio, duh). They went to see the "Exact Imagination" and "Taking Shelter" exhibits. THANKS, KENNA!

AU's First Year MFA Show! THIS FRIDAY!

Come to The Katzen Art Museum this Friday (April 11th) from 7-9 for the opening of NINE, aka, the first year MFA show. The show runs April 10 - 16.

NINE will feature the work of:
Josh Baptista, Kate Gartrell, Nikki Painter, Igor Pasternak, Allison Reimus, Katherine Sable, Bonner Sale, Lana Stephens, and Zac Willis

I hope to see you all there.

Raul Visits the Smithsonian American Art Museum

As the title of this entry has already indicated, Raul Suarez from Fairfax, VA sent me these Art Jumps from the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. By the looks of it, the graffiti work of Tim Conlon got him pretty excited- just look at that air!

Thanks Raul!

Art Jumping in Dubai

Thanks to Daphne Truong for this Art Jump! Daphne had this to say:

"Greetings from Middle East, and the Dubai Art Fair!
I learned of your awesome site from my dear friend, Kaarin. Hope this picture is worthy of posting!"

Worthy, indeed! Daphne is jumping for Khaled Ben Slimane's Ascension IV (left) and Ascension III (right) at the Madinat Arena, in the Madinat Jumeirah.

Thanks for the submission and the kind words, Daphne!

Jason Cox is a Very Patient Man!

Jason Cox sent me these photos WEEKS ago. Thank you Jason for your patience! With no further ado, we have: Jason Cox and Jasmine Zick, both DC area residents, jumping for a variety of works at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, National Gallery of Art and the National Portrait Gallery.