MoMa Art Jumping Part 2


This week has been awesome for submissions and these pictures sent to me by Caroline Giegerich are my evidence. Caroline organized a group of friends to go Art Jumping at the MoMA this past weekend and the results were, well, COMPLETELY AWESOME!! Thank you to the jumpers who participated: Kelly Browne, Neetu Chugh, Alexandra Kaam, Crystal Park, Shiami Ranasinghe, Berchmans Rivera, Martha Rivera, Shannon Roop, and Cynthia Singiser!!

PLEEEEASE check out the rest of their Art Jumping HERE. and don't forget to visit Caroline's blog (posted above)!

Caroline, you might just be my favorite Art Jumper.

MoMA Art Jumping Part 1

Thank You to Christopher Cunetto for these pictures! We have:

Christopher Cunetto (Washington, DC) jumping in front of Picasso's Three Mucisicans, Andrew Fogle (Washington, DC) jumping in front of Warhol's Orange Car Crash Fourteen
Times and Malia Norman (NYC) jumping for a wall installation in the Architecture and
Design gallery. Yeay MoMA. Thanks for the submission, Christopher!

More Hip Hop Art Jumping!

These amazing photos were taken by Dakota Fine at the National Portrait Gallery's current exhibition, Recognize. Dakota and his friends took a million art jumping photos (not really, more like 50) at the show. They look awesome. I do believe that Dakota & Friends have raised the bar of Art Jumping excellence. Great work! If you are one of the people in these photos, please let me know and I can tag you/ link to you, whatever.

Thanks to Jim Rider from Washington, DC for identifying himself and a few of the artworks. Jim's the guy wearing sunglasses and doing the rock star guitar shredding pose. The first piece is graffiti outside the exhibit rooms called AREK by Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp. The other piece is LL COOL J by Kehinde Wiley.

Thanks for the submission, Dakota!

To see the rest of Dakota's Art Jumping pictures (I suggest you do), visit his Flickr site here

George Mason University MAT in Art Education Students= Art Jumping Rock Stars!

A HUGE thank you to Maria Cuzzocrea Burke who sent me these awesome art jumps! She had this to say:

"George Mason University MAT in Art Education students LOVE to
jump for art! They went to the East Wing at the National Gallery of
Art on Saturday and had to jump for Frank Stella. The students
studied the art of responding kinesthetically to art with Dr. Gail
Herman this week. On Saturday, they met with NGA's Heidi Hinnish,
Head, Department of Teacher, School, and Family Programs -
Education Division, who was preparing them to lead Artful
Adventure family tours on Sunday, March 2nd at the National
Museum of Woman in the Arts (NMWA). Bring the family and check
them out!

We'd like to thank Allison Reimus from American University for
inspiring us!"

Awe, thanks Maria! :) You can check out more awesome art jumping on their website,

Grace Slick Jumping

This blurry yet enthusiastic art jump comes from Kristen Wesley and Robyn Diehl of Bethesda, MD. They are jumping for Grace (of Jefferson Airplane) Slick's piece, Trust, at Wentworth gallery in White Flint Mall. Thanks, girls!

Even More Colbert Jumping!

These Colbert jumps come to us from Alyssa Grinder of Washington DC. Here, Alyssa (wearing the trench coat) and her friend Kristin DiNicolantonio jump for Colbert at the National Portrait Gallery (obviously!) Thanks so much for the submission!

Thanks Washington Post!

Please forgive how late this post is! I have to give a huge (belated) thank you to Lavanya Ramanathan, editor of the Washington Post's Style on the Go for including JAM in last Saturday's edition. If you missed it last Saturday, you can still catch it (minus the huge picture of me jumping for Alex Katz) here.

Saginaw, Michigan Represent!

HAHA, I am in love with these pictures sent to me by Tyler Keene and Matt McKenna! These boys are dear friends of mine from good old Sagnasty, MI.

They are jumping in NYC's Tompkins Square Park for Tyler's "Ghostface Killa" collage. They are highly creative even though they claim to be scientists. You can see more of their "art" here.

Thank you SOOOO MUCH boys! Hearting your faces so hard right now :)


Thanks so much to Michael Weber and Philippa Hughes for sending me this great photo! They are jumping for Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp's graffiti installation the opening night of RECOGNIZED at the Portrait Gallery. Haha, Mike's face is priceless!

Haha! Bono/ Hirst Jumping

Thanks to Cory for sending this to me! It came from this article.

P.S.1 Jumping

This photo comes to us from Rachel Fick of Washington, DC. This is a picture of her friend, Pamela Norrish (a student of Alberta Collage of Art + Design in Canada), jumping in front of PS1 in New York. Thanks for the submission, Rachel!

More Colbert Jumping, Yeay!

Thanks to Miyo Davis for sending me her Colbert jump! You look so happy! Love it.

JAM's First Submission From Across the Pond!

London Art Jumper Paul Williams reaches max air while honoring Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth at the Tate Modern. Thanks so much for submitting this great photo, Paul. Keep them coming!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, go and jump for Stephen Colbert's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. If you didn't already know, it is hanging just outside of the America's Presidents exhibit. I am trying to collect as many as possible. My quads hurt so bad today that I can barely walk down steps. All thanks to getting this picture just right...

The above photo was submitted by Ashley Larke. Here, she photographs her friends Cassie Copen, Melissa Duncan and Linsey Godbey jumping for Colbert. Ashley says that she wishes she could've been in the picture, but that "getting the jump just right is harder than it seems!!!!" So true, Ashley. So true. These lovely ladies are all from Washington, DC. Thanks for submitting!

How Adorable is Philippa?

Wow, Philippa Hughes took the best art jumping picture I have seen in a while. And this was only her first try!

I took this picture of Philippa this past Friday night at the opening of Collectors Select at the Arlington Arts Center. Here is a bit about the show:

"Collectors Select serves notice that people who purchase works of fine art are not merely decorating their homes or accumulating status. By organizing one of the six separate exhibitions that comprise this show, each collector included here not only demonstrates a singular aesthetic viewpoint, but also makes a passionate argument for what contemporary art can and should do."

Philippa, one of the collectors involved with the show, is jumping for the work of graffiti artist Tim Conlon. Tim and his crew worked directly on the walls of the Tiffany gallery. You can see pictures of the work here.

Thanks for jumping, Philippa!

A Non-Jump Art Jump?

Jane Lee and Scott Ickes sent me this photo of them not Art Jumping all the way from Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC. I am a softie and am posting this simply because I am flattered that someone all the way down in NC found my blog. They were obvi excited for this Rothko too, just look at their faces.

This photo was taken at the Carnegie Art Museum in Pittsburgh.

Thanks for the submission guys!