The Magic of Bikes

Interesting video on how bikes steer themselves. Huh? Have you ever ghost ridden a bike?

You know, pushed it off on its own. They roll quite far without a rider.
And you thought you were the star of the operation.

Sarah Morris Jumping!

Tim from Germany jumps for Hornet (Origami) by Sarah Morris at the Paul Klee Square in Düsseldorf. Thanks, Tim!

Seattle Cyclocross Series - Race # 1

September appears to be Cyclocross-O-Rama here at Yo Eddy !! Blog-O-Rama. Life has been a blur of work, bike commuting, kids homework, and 'cross on weekends. Zippity Do Dah. Get me off this crazy thing.

To continue the trend of race reports that all sound basically the same, let's add another to the pile, shall we?

Okay, this one slightly different, since it's the first race of the Seattle Cyclocross Series. First of the season and first for us, since we've only hit the MFG series in the past and present. So now Racer Boy Ian is campaigning two 'cross series at once. The promoters are smart enough to not have events overlap. That means the availability of races almost every weekend, up until December. Cool, eh?

I'm electing to skip the Seattle series myself, since a USA Cycling license is required and that I do not have. Racer Boy Ian does have a license and his team requests participation in this series, so he's gonna roll with his teammates.

Sure, I could pick up a one day license at a few Seattle series events, but probably won't. I'm just gonna continue to embarrass myself in the MFG series, since scoring close to DFL in one series is enough for me. Plus, driving people to 'cross races and not racing yourself is kind of fun. A lot like driving someone for a dentist appointment...

While you're in there getting drilled - I'll be out here in the lobby flipping through magazines. Let me know when you're done.

Back to racing. This event was held at Marymoor Park in Redmond, on the grass surrounding the velodrome. Yes, we have a velodrome, along with tons of 'cross racing, and lots of other bike related fun. If your area is not as hip as ours, feel free to hate us.

The course was fairly long, longer the the two previous MFG events we sampled this season. It also sported two barrier sections. Other difference was electronic scoring, complete with a chip that attaches to your helmet. Race results were posted very quickly. Excellent.

Since I didn't compete (if you can call it that), had time to take a few pictures. We didn't stay for the whole day though, just basically for the junior races. Mom and sister Amy also put in some spectator time to cheer Ian on and even ring cowbells. We didn't wanna kill 'em with too many hours of standing around a 'cross course. If we make this enjoyable, maybe they'll even do it again.

A smattering of photos and rambling comments...

Ella, JL Velo teammate, fuels up. Sure, she looks cute - just try passing her. She placed 3rd in the Junior Girls 13-14 class. Great job. Always cool to see girls racing, we need more of 'em.

Some of the junior boys warming up. Besides racing in their respective junior classes, some also raced earlier in the Cat 4 Mens class, giving the adults a run for their money. Some of these young kids are pretty fast.

I've said it many times. 'Cross is fantastic for kids.

Fast women sprinting for the finish.

Ian and teammates wait for the start. Blue skies included at no extra charge.

Official USA Cycling type, informs the juniors two laps for this race. Fantastic to witness the increasing number of kids at 'cross events.

Round 'N' Round. Juniors hit the course.

Anders, JL Velo teammate, flying through the barriers. Eventually placed 6th in Junior Boys 15-16. Nice job.

Where did he come from?

You're not passing me..

Ian hits the barriers in front of a fellow teammate, pulling off a 7th place in the Junior Boys 13-14 class. Great job and looking good.

More Ian action. He's getting faster and feeling more comfortable running the barriers. These kids getting this kind of experience, can only imagine what a few more years will bring.

Smile, you're on Candid Camera.

Course featured a lot of Tight 'N' Twisty turns. Ian demonstrates.

JL Velo junior, part of a Rad Racing sandwich.

Teammate Jarrett put up an awesome battle against Scott, from Old Town Bicycle. It went right down to the last barrier section and sprint for the line, Scott taking it by a bike length. These kids were flying. Fun to watch, with Scott grabbing 1st place for Junior Boys 13-14.

Ian, running the barriers and gauntlet of spectators.

Teammate Keland styling for the camera and Porta Potties...

Race Action-O-Plenty.

I don't think you wanna mess with this dude...

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there - jumping barriers with you...

Rolled tire equals crash. Bike landing upside down for added bonus.

Racing Audis...

Styling 'N' Flying.

We ended the day with a nice family lunch at our favorite Mexican place. Giant pork burrito for me, thank you. Shared fried ice cream for dessert. Not too shabby of a Sunday if I may say so.

Until next time...

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy's Two Cents: Live in the Present

"Enjoy your memories, but don't forget that memory is like salt:  the right amount brings out the flavor in food, too much ruins it.  If you live in the past all the time, you'll find yourself with no present to remember."  From Paulo Coelho's 20 Second Stories

The Tigers Fall 2011

This will be Kingston's 4th soccer season!  And my 4th season as a soccer Mom-sweeeeeet.  The YMCA here starts out soccer at 3 years old, so we put Kingston in when he literally JUST turned 3.  You can see a video of his first game by clicking here.  He LOVES to play soccer 99% of the time.  In the past, he has been weary of the games because of the bigger kids.  Which totally makes sense, seeing as he's 4 and playing in the 5-7 year old league.  His coach wanted him to move up because she said he had a lot of talent and that he would be bored in the 3-4 year old league.  So, as the great Mom that I am, I put him in the league with the big 7 year olds.  Some of these kids are beasts!  Most of Kingston's team is in the 5-6 year old range with the exception of Jackie who is 7. Jackie is definitely someone you want on your team.  She was with The Tigers last year too :)  They just had their first practice and their first game is this weekend and I think Kyle can even make it to this game!

Jackie is the little girl on the far right side with the pink shorts :)

it was 1 million degrees outside

School Days

Kingston absolutely loves school.  I think he's feeling confident because it is familiar, since he went there last year.  He has two new teachers this year Ms. Pat and Ms. Beverly who remind me of sweet Grandmothers :)  They are very warm and welcoming to each student and to all of the parents.  I can tell that Kingston is going to thrive in this environment this school year.  Here are a few pictures of his classroom that he was showing off to me the other day.

Kingston gets one everyday for being a good boy and he calls them, "fuzzy warmies" :)

And here is a quick picture I snapped of Coltrane in his classroom.  Believe it or not, he has finally warmed up to his teachers and the realization that he has to go to school and that I will pick him up.  He still cries in the morning when I drop him off, but one of his classmates Mom's said she dropped her son off 2 minutes after I left Coltrane and that he was not crying by the time she got in the room!