Art Jumping in St. Petersburg

Thank you Robin Wilcox from Northern Virginia for sending me this Art Jump! Robin is jumping for Matisse's "Dancers" at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Highlights From the Last Two Days

We were happy to be joined by our friend Jesse L. Martin for the last two days of Camp...

On Saturday, everyone "got hype" before the big show...

The following five photos are by Chelsea.  See more of her great camp photos here.

The last photo is of the staff and campers moments before leaving on Sunday morning.  After such an amazing week, it was not easy saying goodbye!  Everyone is already looking forward to next year.


Thank you Sabrina Cabada for submitting these Art Jumps from the National Portrait Gallery. These kids win the prize for "most adorable Art Jumpers" !!

Louvre Jumping

Thanks Kenna for sending me the first Louvre jumps ever at JAM! Kenna is one of my favorite Art Jumpers and is one of my favorite people in general. Heart your face, Ken!

Ken is jumping for the Anselm Kiefer exhibit and an egyptian coffin from the first century.

Day 4: Dance Party Fantastic