Saturday, July 26, 2008
11:30am - 1:30pm
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
1000 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

(The following was taken from Caroline Geigerich's facebook event invitation):

Several months ago now, my dear friend Martha sent me a link to this site: . Given that I have an affection for jumping in front of national attractions, I was instantly in love with this idea. So, what's a fellow blogger to do?

I contacted the jumpinginartmuseums editor, explained to her my mission of collaborating with my favorite people, and hence Jump!! part one and two were born.

As you can see from the photos, we had a lot of fun with the first and second edition. Most recently, we've also made a respectable name for ourselves. Cynthia Singiser was published in the June edition of The Art Newspaper for her photo of Kelly Browne in the first edition.

So now, it's time to BRING it for the third edition.

This time, we will again be taking photos for submission on my site and my blogger friend's site. In addition, I will be working on videos for YouTube.

My ONLY stipulation: If you come, you must join in on the fun. NO peeping toms allowed. Please feel free to invite anyone who you think would be down.

Please note: The photos are all collected and published under the Daily Marauder name both on my site, Alison's site, Flickr, and on Facebook. I encourage posting of the photos wherever and whenever. The idea behind the photos isn't based in monetary reward or fame of any kind. The objective: have a kick ass time and make people smile.

I have reached out to the executive director of Art Start, a charity which empowers homeless teenagers through art. I believe some of the teenagers will be joining us as well.