MoMA Jumping 12/8 !!

Hey Art Jumpers! This is BIG...

I’m going to be in New York next Monday (12/8) to organize an art jump in front of the Pipilotti Rist exhibit at the MoMA. The museum isn’t usually open past 5:30, but Monday they are staying open until 8:45 so I feel like it’s the perfect day for a jump because all you working people can come.

I’m trying to get people to jump starting at 6:30 and I’ll feature as many jumps as possible on this blog. From what I hear, there’s also going to be a cash bar, which should make this a bit more fun.

I’m working with LVHRD ( to help promote it in New York. If you know anyone in NYC, please let them know about the jump!

This photo is just a taste. Doug Jaeger jumps for the Pipolatti Rist exhibit on view right now at the MoMA!