White Christmas

After all the running around and planning - Christmas is over. Having two kids in the prime Christmas age does make it fun again. Up at 6:15 AM to open presents, followed by an entire day of playing with new toys. I remember those times as a kid and get a kick out of seeing Ian and Amy enjoying it as well.

Was snowing like crazy on Christmas day, so we called the family invited to join us for dinner and gave them the bail out card if needed. We elected to reschedule until after the Holidays.

We've had a ton of snow over the last week or so. I shoveled the driveway a few times and part of our street with help from a neighbor. Trip to the library yesterday required a few attempts to make it up our street. Deep, wet, slippery snow.

Also helped another neighbor get her Toyota Prius unstuck. I always wondered how those hybrids would drive in the snow. Low ground clearance, electronics that won't allow excessive wheel spin, pretty heavy for its size - took a few people and some shoveling to get it moving.

Snow is now melting fast. 40 degrees and raining. Fun while it lasted. Getting hit with the occasional snow storm is all around good. Gets neighbors outside to play and talk, people at work talk about their crazy commute - a good interruption in the usual routine.