Fixie Fun

Received email from an old bike pal in New Jersey – Don Harrower. He used to race Cat 4 in the ‘80s, then had back surgery and couldn’t ride a normal bike for years - then became the hard core recumbent commuter. Ironically, to a Honda car dealership, where he’s been a mechanic for decades.

Over the years his back has healed enough to take the old race bike out occasionally, though kayaking is his main gig now.

We used to ride dirt motorcycles together in the '70s, then bicycles later in the '80s.

Anyway - the email....

"Speaking of cars and bikes, I had a freaky car accident back in October. We were driving in NYC near the West Side Highway, going through a green light when a cyclist blasts into my left front fender landing on my windshield. He said he didn’t notice the red light on his street. He was very lucky, didn’t get hurt or do any damage to his fixed gear road bike. I don’t know how those guys can ride fixed gear bikes in city traffic, but you see them all the time. He did smash my windshield , but I was glad he was okay."

Nice. Nothing like having a little fun with the Fixie Hipsters.

I'm all for people getting on bikes - any kind of bike. However, I always thought riding a fixed gear in traffic is a little loopy - especially with no brakes. I see quite a few Fixes in the Seattle area. Don't get me wrong, some of the bikes are damn cool. Adding a front brake won't make it any less cool - really.

Everybody ride safe out there.