Saturday Escape

After two weeks of trading colds in the house and not riding to work for a week, I managed to squeeze in a quick mountain bike ride today. My favorite person to ride with, my son Ian, elected to skip it, leaving me for a solo cruise. After a busy week at work and home, some time to myself was a good thing.

I hit the local woods, Saint Edward State Park and Big Finn Hill Park, two adjacent parks that total a few hundred acres of woods - laced with fun singletrack. I can hit this right from the garage, no car trip required. I'm pretty damn lucky to have an off-road area rideable from the house. I've actually had access to local woods from everywhere I've lived for most of my life - that's better then hitting the lottery.

Trails today were in great shape, temps in the 40's, and hardly anyone else sharing them. I did run into an old co-worker and fellow riding pal, Jim Magnuson. We chatted for a bit and headed in opposite directions. A welcome interruption to the festivities. I've been on a networking binge lately, through Facebook and email, so almost ESP like to run into someone on the list.

The ride was just a pleasant cruise through the trees, no rush today at all. It's only February, way too early to pretend you're fast. These little escapes into the woods are better to me then a paid vacation to some tourist trap - and a lot cheaper.

Bikes are the ultimate escape hatches. You knew that already - a little reminder can't hurt.