Sunday Solo Ride

After a few week absence from the woods, hit some local singletrack at St Edward/Big Finn Hill today. Almost 50 degrees, trails wet enough to be fun, but not super muddy. Felt great to get out and had me thinking while riding - "I never get sick of this" - as in riding bicycles. Unless something stops me physically, this whole bike shindig appears to be a lifetime obsession. I guess there's plenty worse things to be obsessed with - no?

Son Ian wasn't in the mood for a ride, so a solo run for me. That's okay, in a busy house getting some time alone can be rare. If this was a few months from now, I'd be fitter and would have taken the opportunity to rip it up a bit. Since I'm in the middle of the winter riding slump, a fun cruise through the trees is all I needed. Spring and pretending to be fast is many weeks away.

While riding, I ran into John Zilly, who I know from old school BBTC circles. He was riding with his 7 year old son, which is always cool to see. John is the author of a few riding and hiking trail guides, including Kissing The Trail, which as become a Seattle area classic mountain bike guide.

When I got home, Ian was bummed he decided not to go - especially when I told him about running into John Zilly. Ian has flipped through the pages of Kissing The Trail a thousand times and would have liked to meet him.

Oh well - you snooze, you loose.