Muddy Bike = Happy Boy

Nothing like sneaking a weekday mountain bike ride in to clear the head and recharge the soul - and today that was needed....

Escaped from work early to take an IT certification test - and much to my horror - I failed. Missed it by a few points, even though I crammed for hours over the weekend and had no problem passing the practice tests. Bummer. The only thing more fun will be announcing the news at work tomorrow. Yes, I am Moron Boy - thank you.

After cell phoning the wife to inform her of my great news - she informed me daughter Amy, fresh out of the dentist chair, needs a root canal. On a baby tooth (??). More joy and all around good times. I check my watch - go back to work or head home? Close call and home wins.

When I get home, discover the family has yet to arrive - time for a quick escape to nearby woods. Quick change into Boy Racer costume and I'm gone......

Sweet glorious Pacific Northwest mud - cleanses the soul, clears the brain, and clogs up the frame.

Muddy Bike = Happy Boy

About an hour's worth of thrashing around the local trails of St. Edward and Big Finn Hill park, my personal stomping grounds, and I'm feeling much better. The eBay special Cannondale frame, old XTR and Fox fork feeling perfect today, mud scraping v-brakes included. I've been toying with the idea of a new bike, maybe a 29er. Today the old bike felt so great, thinking why bother? This bike rocks and has some personality as well. Or maybe it was just trying to cheer me up.

Family pulls in the driveway as I'm hosing off the aluminum steed, the mud hopefully symbolizing my crappy mood as it washes off the frame. Yup, I think it's working. Seeing the family pile out of the car with smiles doesn't hurt either. Dentist shiny clean smiles to boot.

I'll be sure to ride to work tomorrow to keep the good vibe going.....