Ibis for Sale - My First eBay Adventure

Attention citizens of Blog Land. I'm selling my Ibis Trials Comp - as featured in a recent post. All profits applied to Project Access - a noble cause. Hey, anything involved with bikes is a noble cause.

I did the local Seattle Craigslist deal for a few days. A few questions from folks, but nothing even remotely near a sale. I've bought and sold items off Craigslist - it's a great set up - and the cost is even better. As in free, can't beat that.

Since this Ibis is a niche bike - observed trials, and a vintage collectible deal - thought I'd try the eBay route. I've bought a few things off eBay, but never listed anything myself. Should be interesting. Click here to see all the action.

So far, zero bids. Oh yeah, this is smelling like success already....