MFG Cyclocross Series Race # 5

Race number 5 of the MFG series kicked off today at Lakewood Park in Seattle. We missed race number 4 last weekend due to half the family being sick - me included. We've all been wiped out on and off during the last three weeks with a bad cold or touch of the flu. You think you're over it, then hit with the double whammy. Missed school days, wife out of commission for days at time, and me feeling like crap for over a week each whammy. Last two weekends spent home with various members of the family down for the count. Then add in a reorg and overtime at work, and I haven't been on my bike for over two weeks now. Buckets-O-Fun.

On top of Ian and I missing racing itself at event # 4, I also missed the spectacle of the SSCXWC hosted on the same day. Would have been a goof to witness that. Oh, well.

Okay, enough whining and complaining, we did get out today. Ian is almost back to normal health wise and wanted to race. I still feel crappy, but no way I'm spending another weekend home. Off to the races we go....

Lakewood Park, we've never been there - nice spot for a 'cross race. Some elevation available, so a little climbing and descending required. Two barrier sections, one with small barriers, other with normal height requiring a dismount. Lots of twisty grass sections, a sprinkle of pavement, and you have yourself a great 'cross course. Attendance seemed down at this event, not as many folks racing or spectating. Still a decent showing.

Oh yeah, it was also raining the entire time, so everything was nice and slippery. Plus, maybe 50 degrees if lucky - it was officially cold, wet and muddy. Isn't that how 'cross is supposed to be?

Once again, I did not race - not even on my radar at the moment. Kudos to Ian for wanting to complete the series. After the last few weeks, I'm just looking forward to riding again - never mind racing. I did enjoy pre-riding the course today on the 29er however. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Ian lines up for the Junior 10 - 12 race. Only 7 kids in his class today, compared to 20+ at previous events. That's okay, he'll take some series points just by finishing. Ian was the lone mountain biker today and appeared to be the only kid not on a race team. Even so, after racing 3 events, was sitting in 7th place overall out of 40+ kids. We'll see where he falls after missing race # 4 and after today's results are totaled. Where ever he may land, all a good experience for him.

Ian out on the course, 2 lap race for his class today. He seemed a bit off the back and suffering some - pouring rain, wet and muddy. Hey, after the flu episode and not riding for 2 weeks, gets big credit from me. He wanted to finish and accumulate series points. Mission accomplished.

Post race Ian - muddy, soaked, tired and nauseous. Really nauseous, but never lost it. Maybe from the effort, probably still a tad sick. Plus told me he crashed twice, once on the shorter barrier section - direct barrier hit on thigh. Ouch. Nice bruise later as proof. To add insult to injury, he was literally shivering while I helped him change out of wet race clothes. Sitting in the car with heat blasting, while eating hot food from one of the vendors brought him back to life. Not really a fun race experience today. He's a tough kid though - wants to hit the last race of the series for sure.

After loading up the car - that be my job - we headed home. Ian passed out sound asleep in the back seat for part of the trip. Tough day for an 11 year old. Racing is not easy and not always fun. I'm proud of him.