Damn Nice Dam

I've been cheating and driving to work the last few days. Payoff has been hitting the woods on the mountain bike when I get home. If I ride to work, usually don't have the time or energy for another ride later in the evening. Road commuting is great, but its been a blast hitting singletrack a few days this week instead.

Fantastic actually, my Facebook post from yesterday as proof...

Superb after work mountain bike ride today. One of those days where you feel tired, but ride anyway - thinking short spin, then head home. Crappy feeling burns off and fantastic solo ride ensues. Light out until 9:30 PM, empty woods, 70 degrees, 29er rocks. Pinch me.

Ditto for tonight, except 60 degrees instead of 70. Completely freaking perfect. After 27 years of mountain biking, still get totally revved about it all. Guess I'm a lifer.

Oh yeah, picture above. Beaver dam located on my dirt loop. Pretty cool, huh?