A No Timeout Day!

If you were to ask me what day it was, I couldn't tell you.  What I could tell you, was that it was a No Timeout Day!  This hasn't happened in I don't know how long.  Yep, I do put Coltrane in timeout (for a minute) that little bugger knows more than he lets on and Kingston was the same way!  Like most days, I woke up not knowing if it was Monday or Friday, all I knew was that it was WAY too early and this one would be exactly the same as yesterday but vastly different.  Kyle would agree with me if I were to say, same $#!% different day :)  We are in the middle of Training Camp, I say we because it affects all of us... in different ways.  But for some reason, today started off on a different foot.  Yes we were woken up at 5:00 a.m. and yes, once I brought Coltrane into our bed he tossed and turned and then fell asleep as I laid there listening to the sounds of snoring and then Kyle's alarm going off numerous times while a baby foot - albeit a cute baby foot was lodged in between my neck and chin... yet I digress.  Once we were all awake for the day at 7 when Kingston crawled into bed with a stiff Mommy and sprawled out baby we ALL snuggled together, for a good 10 minutes (heaven on earth).  And unlike most mornings where Coltrane is sent to timeout three times and Kingston storms off into his room because he's pouting, NOTHING happened!  We watched the weather ( like I like to do every morning upon waking) and then watched cartoons while I made breakfast.  I even heard giggles and kisses while in the kitchen.  The day panned out accordingly!  Here are a few pictures of our day today.  

In the meantime, the bebe's and I are just trying to enjoy the last of our lazy mornings and days before the hustle and bustle of school etc begin.  And of course missing Daddy...

A makeshift ramp that Kingston made this morning out of books and a fireman helmet.

After the pool, dinner and baths, we made popcorn and had family movie night (Gnomeo and Juliet) minus Papi :(  BUT, Kingston and Coltrane laid together and ate popcorn and water for 15 minutes alone while I cleaned up!  Then, the three of us snuggled together AGAIN (I'm in heaven here) this picture sums it up.  First down!
Second down, the Crazy Trane!
Third down, the Booshie Man!
Touchdown, Netflix and Chardonnay!!!  All that's missing is Kyle :(