Well, I did it.  I had my first coupon-ing experience.  Whew, what a lot more work than I had initially thought.  On TV those women do seem a little neurotic and very organized and I am neither...well... ... ...but boy oh boy you do have to be disciplined and sit down with limited interruptions (hard with a toddler and 4 year old).  I've tried to attempt to coupon, but got overwhelmed and threw the Sunday inserts away, but with the help with two of my girlfriends via email they literally walked me through it.  Today, I went to CVS, Target and HEB and got $90 worth of stuff for around $50.  There were a few hiccups along the way where I didn't match them up correctly but all in all, I'm pretty proud.  Amber and Rachel were impressed that I did so well on my first trip - yay!  True, I only bought food for dinner for one night but I will have enough paper towels to last me a month, can do 64 loads of laundry and 30 loads of dishes and have enough Pringles to last my kids at least 30 lunches...Once I get in the swing of things, I hope to figure out how to incorporate more meals out of this.  I think Kyle was glad that I was bringing something "to the table" other than dinner :)  Unfortunately this weekend there will be no coupons in the Sunday paper, I can't believe I even know this...will update in the future and hopefully it will be a picture of my receipt with a $5.00 charge only :)