Kingston's Birthdays So Far (1st through his 4th)

Kingston's Birthdays

The link above shows a short slideshow of Kingston's 1st through 3rd birthdays.  On his first birthday, we just celebrated the three of us here in San Antonio and spoiled him like crazy :)  His second birthday, we were in Maryland at my parents and had a Sesame Street theme with Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes that Mom and I put together.  His third birthday we again, celebrated in San Antonio and thought that since Coltrane was just 2 months old that we should focus entirely on Kingston!  We woke up and first thing Kingston did was to put on his Batman costume and he and Kyle went to Las Palapas for breakfast tacos.   We had a sitter for a couple of hours while we went out to lunch, just the three of us and then went to the movies for the first time.  It was so nice for ALL of us, so spend some quality time with each other.

Here are some photos below of Kingston's fourth birthday party.  Since we had a low key birthday for his 3rd, we decided that we should have a bigger one for the big 4!  Grandma was in town and we made some cupcakes for Kingston's school party and then for the big party, the theme naturally was, Spiderman!  We had his party at The Little Gym where Kingston is a member.