"Just the Way You Talk" - Morning Song - Written by the Camp Our Time musical staff, and inspired by the campers :)

"Just The Way You Talk"

by Camp Our Time Music Staff /

Inspired by Our Time campers

(written to the tune of "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars)

your voice, your voice

make the loud cicadas stop their cryin

and your speech, so sweet,

flows beautifully without your tryin

you sound so beautiful... I’ll tell you everyday...

yeah, I know, I know, when I'm listening that you won't believe me

and It's so, It's so, sad to think that you don't hear what I hear

but every time you ask me do I sound OK... I say...

When I hear your voice

there's not a thing that I would change

'cause you're amazing,

just the way you talk

And when you speak

the whole world stops to listen awhile

'cause y’all are amazing...

just the way you talk

the way you talk... the way you talk...

y’all are amazing, just the way you talk