Light as a Feather

This post has nothing to do with the game as the title would imply.  I thought it sounded a smidge "lighter" than the last "heavy" post about karma.  And, I was also trying to get in the Halloween spirit  by being a little spooky.  I am not a fan of Halloween or of anything scary.  I'll admit, it is a bit strange- nearing the age of 30 is scary enough for me and then add to that, the only time I'll ever say "Bloody Mary" three times is when I have to repeat myself to my husband:
Me:  Can you make me a bloody mary?
Kyle:  A what?
Me:  A Bloody Mary please.
Kyle:  A WHAT?

Great, now I'm scaring myself.  Anyway, every year, being the great Mom that I am, I wait until the last minute to get Halloween costumes.  This of course has nothing to do with being a scaredy cat, but with me being a procrastinator.  So today, on my "morning off" as both boys were in school, I drove to 4 different Targets and made the wasteful stop at Wal-Mart in search for costumes for the boys.  I found Kingston's costume but have had no luck with Coltranes :(   Soooooo.  Kingston has a spiderman costume that he got from the Easter Bunny last year that with a little sewing and saftey pinning could potentially work for Coltrane???

Yeah, his face says it all... I think I'm going to have to venture back out tomorrow, this time, with child to find whatever slim pickins they have for Halloween costumes.  Poor little Coltrane :)