Morning Glory

This morning has gone by so smoothly that I felt compelled to share.  Most mornings we are scrambling to get out the door to get to school.  Oddly enough, we woke up a lot earlier than we normally do (perhaps this has something to do with not having to rush about this morning hmmm and maybe the two cups instead of the half cup of coffee helped too... ... ...)  Kingston and I had a good hour of mother-son time watching cartoons and snuggling under his spider-man blanket on the couch while watching the latest episode of Phineus and Ferb.  As I was putting the finishing touches on his breakfast, I heard a door slam open and then saw Coltrane tearing down the hallway squealing with laughter and delight.  Kingston and I fell into a fit of belly laughs because it is SOOOOO unlike Coltrane to wake up like that.  (he is usually groggy, quiet, sometimes cries and growls)  he surely woke up on the right side of the bed this morning!

Kids had eaten, were dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, hair done and school bag packed all by 8:15!  We were at school right on time woohoo!  Coltrane and I then went briefly to the park (a poopy diaper and an unprepared Mommy were the cause of the short stay) and we are now gearing up to head to the grocery store, which I'm praying will be a smooth run :)

Coltrane had fallen off of this little thing right before I took this picture and he got up real fast like it never happened and then started to "show off" :)

Aaaaaaand we have a pooper.

This is him saying, Shhhhh, when I was telling him it was time to go home and change his poopy diaper.  He is for sure a little boss man.

Catching up on Elmo's World while I did some laundry.