My Sweet Kingston

We have said since Kingston was very little that he has the voice of an angel.  My voicemail on my cell phone is his sweet little voice that Kyle says still gets him every time.  And every once in a while I will listen to it.  So not only is his voice angelic, but also the words that he says.  Take this example from when he was three:
Me:  Kingston, I'm the lucky one because you're in my life.
Kingston:  No Mommy, I'm the lucky one!
Me:  Why Bubba?
Kingston:  Because you're my best friend.

And then the other night when I was saying our prayers and affirmations Kingston chimed in and said the following (and I literally melted in the bed bc he drifted off to sleep as he said the last sentence)

"Kingston is brave"
"Kingston is at home with his family"
"Kingston has a big heart, just like his Mommy"
"I have a picture in my heart of when Coltrane was in Mommy's belly and I am hugging her"