Open Eye Toward the Sky

Last spring while at Kingston's soccer practice there was a different mood in the air.  I could tell that something was swirling about up in the atmosphere, but I wasn't sure what it was.  It was a perfectly sunny day with bouts of high wind gusts and moments where the stillness made me think I had momentarily lost my hearing.  On our way home as we were pulling onto the street near our house Kingston said, "whoa Mommy, look at that cloud!" I looked and couldn't believe how huge it was and how it really came out of nowhere, as there were no other clouds in the sky.  I couldn't stop the car because there were cars behind me, but as I pulled onto the street that ran perpendicular to ours, I was compelled to quickly take a shot of "the cloud" that does it NO justice :(  There is actually a facebook page that you can get to by clicking here where people took AMAZING photos of this cloud.  Most of them took photos up in Austin.

Now fast forward a few months.  There has been a drought here in South Texas and it's literally been months since it has rained.  Once again, at soccer practice there was a weird feel in the air.  All of the parents were excited in the hopes of it to finally rain and from the looks of the sky it seemed as if our wishes had been granted.  Across the street from practice the sky was the color of chalkboard gray and then the sky over the field looked like this.

"To make myself understood and to diminish the distance between us, I called out:  "I am an evening cloud too."  They stopped still, evidently taking a good look at me.  Then they stretched towards me their fine, transparent rosy wings.  That is how evening clouds greet each other.  They had recognized me."  From Stories of God:  A New Translation by Ranier Maria Milke