Playing Hookey at Duthie

The kids had no school on Friday, some sort of teacher related day off deal. Neighbor Dave and his 8 year old son Caleb, mentioned they were headed to Duthie for the day and asked if Ian wanted to tag along. Considering I have plenty of vacation days available, I bagged work on Friday and also joined the fun. Bombing around Duthie mountain bike park beats work any day.

We loaded up the race prepped '94 Camry wagon, complete with four bikes on the roof rack. Buzzed around Duthie for a few hours, together and separately, then hit Chipolte for some burrito action on the way home.

Way better then yet another day at work...

Ian trades the 'cross bike for the mountain bike. Different tools for different jobs.

Pump track action.

The day was a blur.

This kid, all of three years old, was hitting the pump track on his push bike. Non riding mom watching nearby. Said she normally takes him to a skatepark. This kid will be flying in a few years.