Today when I flipped over Grandad's quote of the day, it made me smile.  It was like he was telling me something.  I knew that this "maxim" was also on another day that you can read here.  I think that this is the only quote that is repeated in the whole calendar, I've had it for nearly 20 years and have never noticed it before.  Which again made me smile, this time at the Universe and God.  All month, I've been noticing quotes on Facebook from the different "public figures", "affirmations", etc that I've liked with the same theme:  the truth.

This next picture was from my horoscope.

This next photo came from Daily Affirmations & Inspirations on 10.15.11

"I tell the truth with grace and love, and my relationships are transformed." Cheryl Richardson (one of my daily affirmations from 10.12.11)

*** I'd be lying if I said I didn't think this was all a sign ;) ***