Special Time

I always make it a point to spend quality time with each of the boys.  Like any parent, you want each individual child to know how special and important they are to you.  With Kyle's schedule, it is imperative that this happens.  This year has been very easy to do this!  Kingston goes to school 5 days and week and Coltrane only 2, so he and I have 3 solid mornings to spend alone together.  Since Kingston no longer takes naps, while Coltrane takes his naps, we are able to be alone together and Coltrane goes to bed an hour before Kingston does, so at nighttime we have time to play games and watch "bigger kid" shows together :)  It's during these moments that I can really see their personalities come out and I know that they each value it as much as I do.  I keep these special times together close to my heart and forever locked in my memory bank. Here are a couple pictures from this past week.

They had a Firetruck and Fire-Safety Day at school on one of the days that Coltrane did not have school.  We went over to check them out after dropping Kingston off.  Coltrane was SO excited at first and was screaming and pointing and clapping and jumping up and down.  He later got so overwhelmed that he just stood there in awe and started whispering and pointing. :)

Coltrane was "hiding" in here and ate chaptick!  

Both boys LOVE playing hide and seek, and this is Coltrane's new go to spot to hide in.

This was the old one.

Kingston is a PHENOMENAL artist, creative-colors in the lines-makes colors...(so says his Mom :) The other night we were watching a show on up and coming artists and I was like, Kingston, you could be an artist when you grow up and he said, "I already AM an artist." :)

Deciding what to draw next.

Crazy Trane about to go on a train ride :)

New haircut!