Football Practice

Today the high was 68 degrees!  Believe it or not, I was freezing all day.  I guess I have become accustomed to the Texas weather.  (ask me about this again from May-September).  It was such a beautiful day that the boys and I went to Kyle's practice.  There are only two more weeks of the season left, so I figured we better squeeze in as much time at the field as we can because the boys just LOVE being there.  They get so excited to see Kyle and love that they can get up close to the players.  They played catch for a hot second with one of the guys and they just lit up like lightbulbs :)

They both ran up and down the empty bleachers non-stop as their laughter and heavy footsteps echoed throughout the stadium.

Snack break :)

Calling out to Kyle.

Sooooo happy that he came over to say hi.

On our way out we saw Kenneth who is a receiver and has babysat the boys for us in the past.