It's Fall Y'all

And it was 83 degrees today.  This is the kind of weather I have been waiting for all Spring and Summer long.  No complaints though as I hear of the temperatures from family and friends in the far reaches of the East and West coasts.

If I close my eyes and think back to my childhood during the Fall months, I can still taste the crisp air and hear the wood crackling in the fireplace, while my hair holds onto the smell of the smoke.  The cool breeze would turn my nose red and the sunrise over the Bay would cast colors that mimicked the turning leaves.  My house would be the warm retreat after hours of playing spies on the beach and even Bam-Bam's fur would be cool to the touch.  Ah, nostalgia.

Fast forward 20 years, 1700 miles and add 30 degrees and here we are.  Memories of Fall for my boys will be remembered with Daddy's football games, fresh produce straight from the garden well into December, visits from family taking respite in San Antone from the early onset of Winter in the East.  Roasted jalapenos will be the scent of their youth and bean and cheese tacos and ice cold water will be their go to snack after hours upon hours of playing football in the front yard... vastly different from my youth yet eerily the same.

North, South, East, West, it doesn't matter.   During the Fall the leaves will change and glide to the ground only to be scooped up by little hands and immediately thrown up to the sky in wonder and delight.  Any parent can tell you that one of the greatest joys In. The. World. Is hearing your children's laughter and seeing their innocent awe.

We had a popsicle and car/train race break and then back to leave throwing :)