Well, sort of.  We usually have a lot of leftovers and this year, not wanting to look like the greedy girl that I secretly am, I barely took any home :)  We would typically have fried stuffing with eggs for breakfast, potato pancakes and green bean casserole for lunch and turkey tacos for dinner.  The next day we would have potato pancakes and eggs, turkey sandwiches for lunch and a turkey salad for dinner.  We were still able to do a little of the same traditions.  And here's one of them!

Fried Stuffing with an Egg Over Easy

1.)  Place balls of stuffing in a pan that has a tablespoon of oil over medium high heat

2.) Flip over after about 4 minutes and slightly press them and cook for another 4 minutes

3.) Meanwhile cook some eggs to your liking (poached eggs would be yummy and a bit healthier ;)

 4.) Place the egg on top and enjoy and then head straight to the gym--we literally did :)