Shaking Our Tail Feathers

Usually, at one 13 points during the day, the boys usually ruffle my tail feathers.  Today, this mama bird had it pretty easy because it was a low key day!  Not sure if it was because of the time change or because we had the last home game last night and we were all worn out today but not a feather was ruffled!  Kingston had a homework assignment this weekend and that was to take a single paper "feather" that the teacher had cut out of white paper and turn it into a feather of our choice.  Kingston, the artist that he is took charge with the supplies I gave him.

Such concentration.

Saying, "lello" for yellow.  He's been saying that since he was Coltrane's age.

He was explaining to me that when you mix certain colors together that they make new colors! :)

Baby face!

Well, this is a photo I captured as WE were cracking up.  I made the mistake of saying, "badass" earlier today.  So, as Kingston was admiring his finished feather, he said, "good ass".  I said, umm, are you talking to me?  And he said, "yep, my feather is good ass".  And I was like, ummm, don't say that Kingston (giggle giggle) and then he was like, "well, remember when you said badass?" (I grimaced) and said Yes, Mommy should not have said that.  And then he said, "you see, I don't think my feather is bad, I think it is good, so it's good ass".  And I couldn't help but laugh and then Kingston was like, "Mommy, I don't mean ass like your... boooooty." And then we both cracked up!  Kingstonisms... :)

The finished product!  He decided to do a pattern with the feathers.

A self portrait.  Pretty badass if you ask me ;)