Thankful Tree

I am so not a crafty person and I so wish that I was.  I use the scissors that came with my knife block that we received as a wedding gift!  And I don't even own a glue gun, sigh.  I'm working on this though, and especially as the kids get older I want to incorporate them in with "crafting".   I do however love Michaels, though at times it can be a bit daunting with all of the different colors, textures and smells, and I normally will walk out wanting a glass of wine shortly after :)

Last year when Kingston was 3.5 I think he started to or at least pretended that he understood what being thankful means.  This is what he made at school, so I do think that he had the right idea.  Thankfully we made it up there with Toy Story 3.

So, this year, being the big 4.5 year old that he is, I wanted to try and really drive home what being Thankful means.  An easy way for us to do that was to make this tree together and talk about things that we are thankful for and why.  This is such a fun and inexpensive craft to do.

We just took a Mason Jar

Filled it with little baby pine cones that are flecked with gold dust and tied a ribbon around the top.

I bought some scrapbook paper in a color scheme that I liked and like I said, I'm not a fancy home scrapbooking crafty gal, so I took my scissors out of the old knife block and cut them in circles :)  On the back, we wrote down things that we are thankful for.  

I then took some eyebrow scissors, oh Lord, embarrassing right?  I don't have a hole puncher, sheesh, anyway and cut out a hole big enough so that we could slip them onto the tree branches that we found in our front yard.  I wanted to spray paint the branches gold, but thought better of the fumes and a four year old...  And there you have it, a Thankful Tree!