Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

On the way home from school the other day, Kingston told me that it was almost Baby Jesus' birthday.  The rest of our conversation went as follows:
Kingston:  How old will he be?
Me:  Oh, you know, I'm not sure exactly but he's going to be pretty old.
Kingston:  Like he's going to be an old man?!!!???
Me:  Well, not exactly umm, okay?!
Kingston:  No, I think he's going to be two.
Me:  He's going to be two, okay perfect.
Kingston:  I can show you that he's going to be two see--(and he whips out these two things from his school folder)

Kingston:  Silly Mommy, he's just a baby.
Me:  Silly me, so he's Coltrane's age.
Kingston:  Yep, same same.

*** without skipping a beat he then went on with***

Kingston:  How did God make the humans?
Me:  That's something you should ask Daddy as soon as he gets home.