Pictures with Santa

Our favorite Santa is in The Quarry here in San Antonio.  They set up a sweet little house that I told Kingston is his rental house during the day and Charlie and the rest of the elves meet up there to fly back to the North Pole all together...He's really into asking questions these days and if I'm not answering by saying "just because",  I will go the complete opposite and get carried away with stories and back stories.  Anyway, here is the official picture that we got.

Coltrane this year was not in the mood, you know to sit on a strange mans lap, and the outtake pictures of him were hilarious but Kingston would have a crazy half shut eye or was moving and was all blurry.  And though I would have liked to have one of those funny shots of Coltrane, I wasn't about to spend $40, sorry.  *Santas helper was quick to shut me down when I whipped out my camera to try and catch a shot*

Kingston drew this for Santa.