Twas the Day/Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve started as per usual in typical Naples fashion.  We woke up to the sound of the palm trees outside our bedroom window whispering a morning song,  followed by a leisurely breakfast.  Ah, yes, it's just different in Florida.

We then stopped by next door to Kathleens to check out her Christmas City set up and to taste homemade cookies well before 10:00 a.m.

Kingston found a piece of the "city" of two brothers fighting, something that he and Coltrane would NEVER be caught doing... ... ...

Belly laughs at a singing Mickey seem to get us every Christmas.  Click here for last years laughs!

We took a walk and stopped to see if we could find a Snook in the lake.  Thank God we did not see one.

We continued our walk down to the driving range where the boys will one day dominate :)

And ended down on the docks over looking the beautiful homes of Port Royal.

It was a hot day and we can handle the heat, but the humidity got the best of the boys and when they saw sprinklers on our walk back home, they couldn't resist.  The anticipation on their little faces is so sweet.

They watched their new train go around and around and around like it was a magical train.

Kyle and Grandpa grilled up some delicious rib eyes.

And Grandma made a wonderful salad and twice baked potatoes. Mmm Mmm Mmm

Annual reading of The Night Before Christmas, by Tasha Tudor.  The same one I got when I was 11 months old!  Notice the nose pick :)

Tracking Santa.

I left Kyle and my stockings back in Texas :(

Charlie brought Kingston another early present.

A Harmonica!  That he hasn't put down.

This was the first year that Kyle and I placed the presents under the tree, bittersweet moment for us!