Christmas Vacation Recap

Don't mess with Texas they say.  Don't mess with a Mom and Dad and a 4 year old and a 23 month old after they have had a long day of traveling.  Thank goodness that part of Christmas vacation is over!  All in all the boys were VERY well behaved.  Only one poopy diaper and tears that only lasted 30 seconds ( 30 minutes in momtime)  Below are about a million pictures of the end of our trip and I wanted to dump them all out somewhere because I  needed to free up my memory card because a certain someone turns 2 tomorrow!

LOVING the pool.

He never golfed :(

Racing with Daddy.

Tag team against Uncle Steve.


Sleepy boosh.

His "model" pose-oh boy.

Last first cheers of 2011

Crazy blue streak in the sky.

Almost midnight!

The diapers Kyle gets when I ask him to run to the store because we are out of them...