Coltrane's 2nd Birthday and Party

Coltrane's 2nd birthday really creeped up on us.  Such is life when you have a birthday close to the Holidays, and especially when you are traveling over said time period.  I wasn't planning on having his party until the weekend of the 20th but when I checked the weather (when we were still at my parents in Naples on Jan 2) and saw that it was going to be 70 on his actual birthday weekend, the weekend of the 7th and I knew we had to throw it then.  I hadn't even started to plan at all, just knew it would be "train" themed.  So in 3 days, here's what I was able to throw together!  I wasn't able to take that many pictures because my lens went all wacky on me and then broke :(  But I was still able to catch some :)

Coltrane went to school on his actual birthday and his class now goes to Chapel, so they sang Happy Birthday to him and Kingston was able to hang out with him during :)  I didn't go because I knew it would too hard on him for me to leave him again (he has major separation anxiety) and this is his lunchbox for the day :)

We went to California Pizza Kitchen for his actual birthday dinner.

His cold/sour face

Sweet boy

Note to self:  Must Not Sing When Recording

His birthday party was behind the Train Station at Brackenridge Park.  

Ok, now let me preface this by saying that I can not bake.  I think it all stems from just not having a sweet tooth (that is unless I'm pregnant).  I would rather slice painstakingly thin slivers of garlic than put icing on a cake pop.  Let alone, draw a 2 on each of them.  That is what this is supposed be.  I'm not Betty Crocker, more like Bad Mood Betty after baking. (sigh) Sorry Coltrane, next year we'll buy you a lifesize Diego birthday cake to make up for it ;)

Coltrane copies EVERYTHING that Kingston does.  If Kingston hops on one leg, Coltrane does too.  If Kingston picks his nose and rubs his boogers on the couch, Coltrane does too.  Point in case--he's trying to stand the way Kingston is below.

 This is when I realized something was wrong with my lens :(

At least Sean liked the cake pops :)

I started to not feel well after the party, out of shear exhaustion, dehydration and frustration over those silly cake pops ;) And was unable to head out to dinner with the boys.  Which was nice in a way for the 3 generations of Kennan Boys to head out for a guys night at Stonewerks :)