The Dentist

Today Kingston had his first official teeth cleaning.  At their dentist office, they have what are called "happy visits" where the dentist counts their teeth, flosses and brushes them with just normal toothpaste.  It's an attempt to ease the kids into going to the dentist and having someone mess around with their teeth.  Here they are on their first happy visits this past summer.

They have a play area outside that the boys enjoy and at each visit they get a plethora of toys.  So they basically love it there.  When I told them they were going back this morning they got sooooo excited.  Which is so bizarre to me, that there are people out there excited to go to the dentist and let alone be my own offspring.  They both even drew pictures for the dentist (who was very excited bc I think she had never received a picture from one of her patients-understandable right?)

The boys literally were squealing on the drive over.

Our dentist shares the same building with a therapist and when we pulled up there was an ambulance outside.  We had to wait by the door as the paramedics wheeled a lady out  and as they glided past us, Kingston asked the woman, "What happened to you?" and she replied, "I'm a very sick lady" and Kingston said, "Well you don't look sick." and she smiled.  So, not your typical beginning of a trip to the dentist.  Anyway, after we waited and it was our time to head back, Kingston hopped into the chair and was all set and then they turned on the light above his head to shine on his teeth.  It was like out of a movie when a spotlight is shone on someone being questioned by the authorities for a crime. He instantaneously froze up and kept his eyes closed throughout the whole process.  I was able to get him to open his eyes to take this quick picture.

And then it was little bitty's turn.  He was being very reluctant and they let him fill up a cup with water and then suck it back out with their creepy dentist tools.

Couldn't catch a picture of Coltrane getting his teeth counted and having his special tooth checked out (he has a double tooth, just like Kyle did) oh because he was sitting in my lap and pulling out half of my hair on the left side.  Yes, there was a pile of my hair on the floor at the end.  No pictures of that don't worry :)


And then we got home.  And Coltrane still miffed about his happy visit, threw a little table at me.

Happy Monday y'all.