30 for a Month

Yowza, I'm 30!  A little behind on posting this, it must be my old age.  I wanted to come up with 30 things that I learned in my 30 years of life and my list read something like this:  life goes on, you should take Spanish in school, forgiveness isn't easy, liquor before beer have no fear-beer before liquor never been sicker bla bla bla.  And I realized there's no sense in me jotting down a list of things I've learned and well, now know and have etched in my mind.  I thought it would be better for me to type out some things that I need to remember about myself and to strive for in my next 30 years and beyond.  Things such as...

  Grace.  Strength.  Resilience.  Patience.  Forgiveness.  Confidence.  Creativeness.  Possibilites.  Hope.  Lightness.  Acceptance. 

I never really understood that maxim that I have been reading every year on my birthday for the past oh 15 years or so.  Maybe "older and wiser" is true!  This year, I got it.  A Revelation.  Eureka.  A-ha. I'll keep it at that, but when I'll look back I'll know exactly what I mean, and after all, that is what my blog is for.  Memories, milestones, mishaps and more.


Kyle had to work.  So the bebe's and I had a pizza party (thanks Mom :) and then watched Despicable Me and had popcorn.

After little bitty went to bed, Kingston and I snuggle buggled on the couch :)

I then helped myself to some whine and cheese ;)

As we were getting ready in the morning the next day, trying to take a picture of ourselves, Coltrane farted which made us all laugh and then Kingston farted!  Even at 30 farts are still funny.

Kyle and Larry were running late to our dinner at Paloma Blanca (one of my favorites) so we did funny faces to stall.  Had to do something to keep Coltrane from having a meltdown.  The margaritas helped too, mine not his ;)

Off work for the evening!

Table side guacamooooleeeee.

Fish tacos with a habanero-pineapple salsa.

Chocolate Tres Leches.

Not exactly the "dirty thirty" I had envisioned back when I thought of turning the big 3-0... come to think of it, we did smell like refried beans by the time we got home ;)