In the Colors with a Milk Swirl

We've been a sick house the past few days.  Poor Coltrane was hit with some sort of bug that just wouldn't go away.  I think he was just worn out from the Rodeo, mixed in with allergies and never recovering from two previous ear infections, but brotha was sick.  I don't do well with being sick, when I'm sick, I still want my Mom to come take care of me.  The 1,700 miles kind of get in the way of that... And, I may or may not have cried more than Coltrane did during these few days and may or may not have called the after hours nurse, a pharmacist and poison control within the course of 15 minutes yesterday.  Some may call it dramatic but I just consider it passionate.

I'm surprised that the kiddos didn't slap me across the face and say, "Get your shit together woman!"  In a way, Coltrane did do something of the sort.  Since he wasn't eating, I thought it would be nice for me to try and bribe him with non other than McDonald's.  He's like me, a fry guy and I thought surely he'll at least eat some french fries.  WRONG.  We were in the car and  I sort of woke him up and handed him the fries and then went on my way to pick up Kingston from Kyle's work and all of a sudden, I felt something hit my head and then my shoulder and sho nuff, that little bugger threw some of his fries at me!  He then went back to sleep and the only fries out of the carton were clinging to my hair.

Of course, the crazy person that I am, I took some pictures of the poor sookie lookie loo when he was feeling his worst.

Even though I had talked with a RN, pharmacist and poison control, I was still glued to WebMD... loco 

Feeling better!

Yet I digress, as usual.  It has been beautiful here, I'm talking in the low 80s with a breeze, but we were cooped up in our house with the bambino.  Poor Kingston too - one of the hard parts when one child is sick is making sure the other one is still getting enough attention and occupying his time with fun crafts without throwing him in front of the tv.  So, wanting to keep Coltrane out of the pollen/cedar filled air for one more day as a precaution,  I reluctantly turned to Pinterest.  I'm kidding here, I LOVE Pinterest.

This involves milk, food coloring, tooth picks and dish soap.  You pour milk into a tupperware container and then add drops of the food coloring throughout and dip your tooth pick in the soap and then drag and swirl it through the drops in the milk.  We did it a bunch of times, at first the boys got overzealous and just mixed everything together so that the milk just turned a weird taupey green color.  Once they got the hang of it, they had a lot of fun.

All's well that ends well.  In our case, Coltrane back to his normal self threw a fit because I took away the food coloring that he wanted to "hold".