Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Coltrane has a hard time with separation from us.  Every time I drop him off at school, he cries, every time I put him down for nap or bed he cries.  Poor guy, it's not for long but you can see the look of fear/sadness on him and it's enough to break your heart.  So basically mine gets broken at least twice a day sometimes more.  Anyway, I have a pretty strict routine that I follow at bed and naps and we do the same books/lights out/prayers/songs/affirmations.  Last night right after lights out he crawled in bed and started in on his, "no mama go, no night night, I go, no mama go" and I told him, "Coltrane you silly, it's not night nights yet, it's prayers!" and he said, "Otay Mama!" and then held his hands together and made me do the same and "said" prayers with me.  Bless his little heart!  That picture above is of crazy trane with Harry's football, that he refused to part with when we left their house for a playdate and hasn't put  down since.

This firecracker LOVES football.  I mean, LOVES.  He will put the Madden game on the ipad or my phone and push the buttons to make the players play, put the Apple product of his choice down, and re-inact what he sees in our living room with his football in hand.  He also, will again, put the Madden game on and put whichever iapparatus he is playing with down so that the noise of the crowd is playing in the background and run up and down the hallway until he's sweaty!  We've DEFINITELY got an athlete on our hands.

Aside from football, he's really into picking his nose.  And if we've learned anything about his love and dedication to the things he loves ie:  football, copying Kingston, driving his Mom nutty...Coltrane just goes for the gold if you will.

He not only is a certifiable nose picker but he too is an avid drawer like Kingston.  Not to the obsessive extent of Kingston, but he could very well get there.

We'll rap this little ditty on sweet albeit crazy Coltrane Miles with some of his silly bits.

He makes the GOOFIEST faces ever.

Just relaxing on the weekend in full costume.

His new thing is he says, I dunno Mama with a little accent on the mama.  Makes us laugh.  

I love him.