When Will the Week-end?

Well...my week has gone a little something like this.

Sunday:  Coltrane diarrhea's in the bathtub with Kingston in it too

Monday:  Realize we didn't take the trash down to the curb last night and my car overheats, someone at a post office somewhere steals a Valentine's card my Mom sent me that had cash in it

Tuesday:  Wake up with a migraine, car gets towed to shop, new migraine pills make me a walking zombie

Wednesday:  Pick up "fixed" car after paying an arm and a leg only to have it overheat again

Thursday:  Have to pull over on way to shop bc I think thermometer on car is about to start spinning cartoon stylie, have to pay my only other arm and leg to get it fixed again...

At least I am able to eat my way through the boys' Valentine candy stash.  Because apparently Valentine's Day = Halloween.