Kennan's Anatomy

Today I had to get some non scary, routine tests done on my heart.  No big deal, really.  The first thing the sonographer and the nurse said to me was, "Why you're too young to be in this part of the hospital."  It was true, I was younger by at least 25 years from anyone else in the waiting room.  In fact, I heard one woman say that her date of birth was in 1937!  Anyway, their thoughts were the same thoughts that I had  when I was in the first waiting area.  I saw so many children and infants who appeared to be so healthy with wristbands on like I had in the picture above.  My heart broke for these families and when I met the eyes of the parents, I couldn't hold back tears.  *Motherhood has caused free flowing tears at any moment for me*

At one point, one of the surgeons came out to talk to a huge family who said that the surgery on their little boy, 7 years old had been successful and that they were able to remove the tumor.  That caused me to have some palpitations and I had to move away from them because I was nervous that it would mess up my tests if I was all bajiggety.  But there really was no escaping that feeling in the hospital.  I saw so many children today and so many seemingly healthy people who were in fact very sick.  I was scrolling through Pinterest on my phone to pass the time and keep my mind off of the people surrounding me and came across this photo.

Yes, I have read this quote many times but it really struck a chord with me today.  I know some people going through trying times right now.  From an outside glance you would never know, unless you knew.  I hope that those friends of mine are met with people who have this same mindset and are greeted with kindness in the coming weeks, months and beyond, because you really never know.  

So, from an anonymous family to another, I wish for you peace and strength on your journey.