Battered and Bruised

Wouldn't you know, after a lovely day at the park and a long nature walk that Coltrane would have a little accident just yards from our car.  The day started out nicely.

Superhero strength.

The Caboose as my Dad calls him :)

He'll randomly jump up and land in this pose from time to time...

We were winding our way back to the parking lot to our car and there were these pretty big rocks that were just asking to be climbed on.  Each rock that Kingston climbed on, Coltrane wanted to too.  Each pose that Kingston did, Coltrane wanted to do too.  Kingston decided to do a fancy yoga pose and lost his balance and basically was falling, but to break his fall was Coltrane's sweet little face.  As Kingston was falling, Coltrane was trying to pull himself up onto the big rock and unfortunately got a face full of rock and Kingston's butt.  I stood there and yelped out loud and froze because as soon as he lifted his little face up you could see the bruising, the cuts and these little dots from the broken blood vessels.  Thank God Kyle was right next to them and was not frozen like myself so he scooped him up and like a koala bear, Coltrane didn't let go and wouldn't let go, not even to get in the car.  Meanwhile, Kingston cried just as hard if not harder than Coltrane because he felt awful for hurting him.  An accident of course, but that's how Kingston is, bless his little heart.

That would be popsicle/lunch on his chin :)

The swelling and rawness was the worst of it the first day.  The second day and beyond is when the bruising kicked in.  We gave him ibuprofen and tried to put frozen fruit on his face but he wouldn't let us.  When he would see his reflection he would say, "ow".  And if he touched it he would say ow too, but overall, I think I was more of a mess than he was!

I let him sleep in our bed and wouldn't you know, he fell out of the bed in the middle of the night and hit his chin on my nightstand and cut it, you can sort of see it here.

Oh he is a few weeks prior at the Zoo.  He's a tough cookie that one.  Brave.  Sweet.  Funny.  Strong.  Resilient.  Loving.  I could go on and on.  The Crazy Trane, our little Texas Tornado.