Coltrane Counting!

Both of my boys are/were late talkers.  They both walked early, around 10 months for Kingston and 11 months for Coltrane but when it comes to speech they have decided to take their time.  (Kingston now asks me at least 37,000 questions a day so yeah..)  Anyway, like we did with the first one we had an early intervention woman and a speech pathologist come over and do some exercises to see if Coltrane qualified for therapy.  And like with Kingston, they said there was no need, the woman actually remembered Kingston and remembered what our first place looked like!  With Coltrane they said he was extremely smart, like, at a 3 or 4 year old level was what they said, and that he does really well with abstract thinking.  She said that he has a lot of energy and that his brain is working at such a level that it has skipped over the step of connecting the word of something to the mouth to say the word.  So she gave me some exercises that would help him and I think that they have tremendously.  So just the other day as we were reading books he started to count cookies on one of the pages and I just sat there with my mouth wide open and almost cried because I was so proud of him!  Kingston came running in and was just as excited because well, he's sweet like that.  So we called Kyle and thankfully he didn't answer so we could leave a voicemail of Coltrane counting to 10.

So here is a video of him counting to 10...I LOVE his little accent.  We're a proud bunch o' Kennan's up in here!