Happy Easter

I'm just taking a quick break from cleaning up a trail of Easter grass, jelly beans, half pieces of plastic Easter eggs, ribbons, parts of new toys and sticky hand prints that my children have left throughout our home.  I am however pocketing any dollar bills that are strewn about :)  The Easter bunny got a little lazy this year and stuffed some eggs with dolla dolla bills.

Here's a quick re-cap of our Easter week.  I had visions of lots and lots of Easter crafts thanks to Pinterest but let's be serious, it was too nice to be stuck inside paper macheing and painting eggs.  We did dye some eggs each day leading up to the weekend, not exactly planned, but I got too many kits to dye the eggs and instead of utilizing this and save them for next year, I just kept going out to buy more and more eggs.  The wax crayon that comes with these kits are like a magic wand.  The boys went NUTSO over the fact that little designs and their names kept popping up when they dunked their eggs, I almost forgot that I was in fact the one scribbling quick doodles with the magic wax crayon,  because their pure excitement and disbelief even made me believe.

Easter eve night, we planted some magic jellybeans and watered them, and eagerly waited to see what would grow out of them!

Ta-da!  Somehow, I managed to sneak outside, still half-asleep while the boys were squealing over their baskets and opening each of their eggs and making a mess to "plant" these gummy skewers which blew their mind when they saw.

After an exciting 7 minutes (that's about the time it took to wake up, open baskets, break new toys, make a mess and complain) we settled into a normal Saturday routine of breakfast and cartoons and playing outside.  Being Master's weekend, we watched lots of golf too.  We then headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's for egg hunts, dinner and of course more golf and goodies.

Pat and I made these sugar eggs earlier in the week.

Next post will be the story behind poor little Coltrane's face.

Little Bubba Watson.

When we got back to the house, we finished up watching the Master's while the boys watched Max and Ruby in Grandma and Grandpa's room.  We heard this weird clop clop clop sound so I went to see what was going on, and this is how I found them :)

When they act like girls...because they have done this before...umm, what was I saying, oh yes...when they act like girls, they put their hands on their hips...

Or in Coltrane's case, his ribs.

Happy Easter!